Entertainment TV Slow TV turns sweet: Cadbury’s Easter production explored

Slow TV turns sweet: Cadbury’s Easter production explored

Chocolate slow TV
SBS is turning Easter up a notch, debuting its latest slow TV offering on Saturday night – it's the production of Cadbury's famed Easter treats. Photo: Getty
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Have you ever wanted your Easter chocolate to last three hours?

Well Happy Easter, that dream comes true this year.

Slow TV has a basket of goodies to bring to Australian screens this weekend – it’s inside the world of Cadbury chocolate.

Airing on SBS on Easter Saturday night, it oozingly tracks the making of the trademarked purple chocolate from sugarcane fields in Queensland, through to the factories in Melbourne and Hobart.

Cadbury will make some 477 million Easter eggs and 14 million chocolate bunnies – among its other goodies –this year.

It will take more than 6000 tonnes of cocoa, 87 million litres of milk and 54 million kilograms of sugar.

We’re all being good and staying home this Easter, so why not indulge in chocolate in a whole new way?

Puns aside, Slow TV continues to take off in Australia.

SBS has been at the forefront, previously bringing us a journey aboard The Ghan.

Businesses have jumped on the train (so sorry), too – Ikea last year beamed out 330-plus hours of its cargo freighting across the ocean.

There might just be something to it, in this societal state of unprecedented stress and anxiety.

In 2018, when The Ghan premiered and was stealing hearts and weekends, The New Daily spoke to University of Melbourne psychology research fellow Nicholas Van Dam about the attraction of slow telly.

“Some may have found the program to be relaxing, similar to a walk in the forest or a long hike,” Dr Van Dam told TND.

“Ultimately, I suspect the popularity reflects a desire for something that is more authentic and provides more of an in-the-moment experience.”

The Chocolate Factory: Inside Cadbury Australia premieres on Saturday, April 11 on SBS at 7.30pm. Got something else on? Catch its encore the next day at 3.35pm on SBS VICELAND.