Entertainment TV Married at First Sight: ‘Toxic’ Hayley and David booted by experts

Married at First Sight: ‘Toxic’ Hayley and David booted by experts

Hayley Vernon
"There was a part of me that wanted him to suffer as I did." Photo: Instagram / hayleyvernon_
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The Married at First Sight experts have gone rogue, ditching the show’s strict commitment ceremony rules and asking a couple to leave the experiment.

The group was outraged this week when polarising bride Hayley Vernon tried to hold her groom, David Cannon, hostage by electing for him to stay with her out of spite.

This decision follows controversial footage, dubbed #toothbrushgate, that showed David using Hayley’s toothbrush to clean a dirty toilet bowl.

“The reason why I have written ‘stay’ is because if he wants to do something like that to me, he can sit there for another week and think about his actions before he goes home to his loved ones,” she told the experts.

The experts took charge of this week’s commitment ceremony, which usually requires both parties to write ‘leave’ in order to exit the experiment, and booted Hayley and her TV husband.

It is very, very unhealthy what you’ve got between each other. It is toxic,’’ said John Aiken.

“There are certain standards that we’ve got to adhere to.”

MAFS couple David and Hayley in happier times. Photo: Channel 9

David said his behaviour was in response to news that Hayley had cheated on him with fellow contestant Michael.

When confronted about the allegations, Michael recited the ancient cheater’s proverb: “I was so drunk, I don’t remember.” … Sure, Jan.


Speaking to 9Entertainment show expert Mel Schilling, she revealed they were acting in David and Hayley’s best interests.

“One of the things we’ve learnt is that when one partner says stay and another says leave, and one really, really strongly wants to go and needs to go and we make them stay, it doesn’t work out for anyone concerned. It doesn’t serve anybody’s purpose,” Schilling said.

“At the end of the day we’re looking out for the couple and their wellbeing, so we’re not going to actively choose to keep our couples in a situation that is not good for them.”

Standards questioned

But a long history of television scandals has fans questioning the show’s so-called standards.

Just last year, the experts allowed contestant Jessika Power to string along her TV husband, Mick, for weeks so she could continue her affair with a fellow contestant, Dan Webb.

The experts then let Jessika and Dan re-enter the experiment as a couple.

Ex-contestant Elizabeth Sobinoff, ditching the blond hair and hair extensions and heavy makeup for a more subtle approach, also returned to screens on Monday night for a second shot at love after she was cheated on by husband Sam.

She promised viewers and, well everyone, she was genuinely looking for love.


Standards or not, the MAFS team know their way around a scandal.

It seems this season has reached a new level of pettiness – and we’re here for every second.

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