Entertainment TV Bye Ali! That’s a wrap from the most divisive Bachelorette ever

Bye Ali! That’s a wrap from the most divisive Bachelorette ever

Taite Radley Ali Oetjen
"Moments before you connect you feel an energy," Taite Radley (with Ali Oetjen) posted on November 10. Photo: Instagram
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And that’s a wrap, people. The Bachelorette is done for another season, and the woeful miscasting of Adelaide radio sales executive Ali Oetjen in the titular role has left the show’s producers with an uphill quest next season.

Finding a leading lady who audiences are engaged with, not enraged by.

The men were even more awful: With a handful of exceptions, they were pretentious, aggressive peacocks or sappy milquetoasts who would surely be outshone by any random bloke in your field of vision right now.

The good news? It might be the romality TV equivalent of last drinks for the divisive Ali, who first supped on the genre in 2013. After three cracks at it, looks like she and her elaborate hair plaits can retire.

In the 2018 series finale, the 32-year-old did what her The Bachelor offsider Nick Cummins failed to, and picked a winner from finalists Taite Radley, 28, and Todd King, 26.

But there was immediate buzz she and her man, who filmed the final in September, are already done.

This week, a photo was posted to Instagram which apparently showed Taite and Todd at an airport in Fiji, where the 2019 series of spinoff Bachelor in Paradise is now being shot.

It was intriguing but seemingly a red herring: by the time the episode had aired in all states, Ali went public with her lucky man, Victorian bank manager Taite.

“I’ve never been more spiritually, physically connected and in love. You light up my world beautiful,” she raved on social media.

Taite went public with his own cosy photo to say how rapt he is in Ali: “I love you and I can’t imagine a day I won’t.”

Ali’s choice created angst among some of the show’s fans, who preferred the more articulate Todd over Taite. On the show, the latter was prone to talking like a 12-year-old girl jotting down thoughts with a pink glitter pen or someone who could be called in to write songs if Westlife reforms.

“I’m, like, nervous. With excitement … I seen Ali … and I’m like, I’m attracted to you,” he said during the final.

“I feel like sometimes my energy she can see.”

Confusing as that may sound, it made perfect sense to Ali, who chose Taite despite his last-minute revelation he’s not ready to get engaged, married or have children, the three things at the top of her wish list.

He came on the show, he said, to find love and not an instant wife. “Everything I see in you is what I want. The only thing that scares me is your timeline,” he said.

The cold-footed suitor was a neat twist, and perhaps the only surprise in the whole tepid series. But Ali was suddenly down with it: “Love is not just about ticking off a checklist.”

The spurned Todd – a sales rep from Western Australia who wore a suit of armour from a high end showbag on the first episode in October  – was left “crushed” at the loss of “my future wife” and “the future mother of my kids”.

Still, he stayed classy in defeat: “You’ve found yourself a great guy. If you do ever need me, I’ll always be there. I’m happy for you too.”

Ali, wearing a purple nightie, lost it at Todd’s good grace and crumpled into a dramatic crouch.

Fingers crossed if Todd does stay on the romality TV conveyor belt he has more luck with someone who doesn’t come across on TV like Ali, whose personality seems Pollyanna meets Pamela Anderson.

For anyone still wondering what drives her, check out her Instagram feed. Warning: Those semi-jaded by gorgeous randoms imparting deep, do-gooder wisdom might find having an emergency caesarean more fun.

There she is whipping up acai bowls (“eat like you love yourself”)  running through forests (“engulfed in the air that makes us wild and free”) and telling people to “ritually align your whole soul to who you are”.

How unreal does it sound? So fabulous and aspirational, yet natural. The only thing lacking are tips on how to give so much self love if you have anyone else to look after. Like kids, parents, pets, that sort of thing.

Anyway, between being grateful and passionate and kind, Ali managed to find someone to be her life zephyr, to align her chakras with.

“I love you so much. I do,” she told Taite in the final scene.

“I’m literally the happiest girl in the world right now. I trusted my heart and it led me to you.”

The pair reiterated their happiness in a joint interview with The Daily Telegraph. “Our relationship starts now. We’ve been hiding it for so long, so to physically be with each other we can explore the world,” Taite said.

Ali Oetjen Taite Radley
Taking it to the streets: Ali and Taite on social media post-reveal. Photo; Instagram

The only dark cloud in the beautiful love story? Living in separate states, but the pair is now thinking about moving in together “as soon as possible.”

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