Entertainment TV Bianca and Carla say they’re down with Scott Cam’s ‘sexist’ comment on The Block

Bianca and Carla say they’re down with Scott Cam’s ‘sexist’ comment on The Block

Carla Dziwoki Bianca Chatfield
Carla Dziwoki and Bianca Chatfield during the auction of their penthouse on The Block on October 28. Photo: Nine
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Keyboard warriors, cool your jets. The Block‘s Bianca Chatfield and Carla Dziwoki are not offended by comments made by Scott Cam on Sunday night’s 2018 final of the renovation juggernaut.

The reality TV show’s stellar result – all five properties sold for prices well above their reserves – threatened on Monday to be overshadowed by a controversy that erupted over host Cam’s “casually sexist” words.

Some of the show’s 2.02 million viewers vented their spleen at Cam, 55, after his remark to Bianca and Carla, both 36, during the auction of their St Kilda apartment.

The controversial observation came as the women’s apartment drew a bid of $2,982,500. Cam guffawed: “Not bad for a couple of single girls, eh?”

Added the Gold Logie winner, “You will be on the market now. Or off the market.

“A couple of good sorts with plenty of cash.”

The hammer came down on the north-facing penthouse for $2,991,000, scoring Bianca and Carla a profit of $301,000. But the mega price wasn’t the talking point.

Tweeted one fan of the show, “What does their relationship status have to do with the result of their work, Scott Cam?”

“Casual sexism from Scotty, disappointed but not surprised,” wrote one Twitter user, while another called his quip “inappropriate jokes about being single”.

One angry social media user slammed Cam as a “sexist deads–t”, while another noted, “Bet Bianca and Carla aren’t gonna miss Scottie’s old crusty, sexist sh– and the height jokes”.

Another user tweeted that Nine should “sack” the”disgusting” and “misogynistic” tradie host.

But Bianca and Carla themselves said they were “actually fine” with Cam commenting on their appearance and success, and that the host knew “us well enough to know we wouldn’t be offended by that”.

Former Australian netballer Chatfield backed that up on Monday afternoon, assuring her 20.2k Twitter followers no offence was taken.

She shared a photo with Cam, saying: “We’ve had a lot of laughs with this guy over the last few months.”

Bianca twitter

A network spokesperson had no comment when asked on Monday if Cam, whose avuncular, blokey style is his calling card, had anything to say about his comments and the controversy they sparked.

The Block’s winners, couple Hayden Vale and Sara Tumino – who announced with a “gender reveal” cake on the final that they are expecting a son – told The Kyle and Jackie O radio show the remark was a compliment.

“That sounds good, that’s positive,” said Hayden, while Sara called Bianca and Carla “sexy single girls”.

The couple hit the jackpot at the auction, making a $545,000 profit for their place, which had drawn criticism during the show for its gold bath.

The winners weren’t the only ones with Cam’s back.

Asked one user: “What type of world are we living in now where PC tossers just whinge about anything?”

The defenders then drew their own fire.

The Block Twitter Scott Cam

A Nine source was bemused by the mini furore.

“Goodness me, people need to relax a little, me thinks,” they told The New Daily.

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