Entertainment TV Hamish and Andy’s new True Story even more outrageous than the first

Hamish and Andy’s new True Story even more outrageous than the first

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee have collected a fair few yarns in their 17 years together. Photo: Channel Nine
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Filming season two of their ‘fact is stranger than fiction’ series, True Story, hosts Hamish Blake and Andy Lee admit they “spent a lot more time with our mouths wide open than in season one”.

Blake, 36, and Lee, 37, the show’s co-executive producers, writers and hosts have returned to our screens with season two of the hilarious storytelling series on Nine.

Blake, dad to Sonny, 3, and Rudy, 1, with wife Zoë Foster Blake, and Lee, who has been dating model Rebecca Harding on-and-off since 2015, regaled The New Daily with some of the more outrageous anecdotes from the pair’s 17-year shared history.

What’s the grossest thing you’ve seen the other do?

Hamish: We were in Peru and they have an energy drink there … well it’s not an energy drink, but they think it’s an energy drink … where you essentially blend a dead frog.

Andy: That was no good.

Hamish: We thought the drink would be green but it’s not. It’s the colour of meat and blood.

Andy: For Hamish, we had just done a radio show crowdsurfing for two hours, we were very sweaty, and I took my shoe off and it was filled with sweat and I poured it out and someone in the crowd yelled “Shoey!” and Hamish took his shoe off and drank his own sweat.

Hamish: The showman inside me took over. I thought, ‘it came from me, it can go back in,’ but with that argument, you should eat every poo you do, and we don’t do that.

After so many years together, are there any stories from the other that you haven’t heard yet?

Andy: Occasionally you jump on a rare one that you haven’t heard before.

Hamish: Now we’re at the stage where that gets really exciting. We’re so used to sitting through a story for the 50th time.

Have you ever heard the other one telling a story and thought: ‘Hang about, that’s not how it went down?’

Andy: I’ll always try and make myself look a bit better

Hamish: And I’ll allow it.

If you guys could do a Freaky Friday style life-swap for a day, what would you do?

Hamish: Probably just robbing jewellery stores, burying the loot, the next day when Andy gets arrested and I go and dig up the loot.

Andy: And I’m just going to go out and say racist things and ruin your career.

Hamish: Interesting that we both went on the attack.

I was thinking more along the lines of Hamish acting as the Ultimate Wingman and proposing for Andy, or Andy spending a day taking care of Hamish’s kids but you both went straight for lawlessness

Hamish: Well, we both did the decent thing there and not say that we’d go and romance each other’s partners.

Andy: That’d be worse.

Hamish: We kept the friendship alive. We got each other put in jail, but we didn’t do the dishonourable thing.

Which stage of life do you think the best stories come from. Single days, dating or family life?

Andy: We’re finding with True Story season two is that it really is a mix. It’s really exciting to know that in any part of your life, these funny little things are going to happen and that’s what life’s all about.

If you could tell your uni-student selves that this was the story of your lives and careers, what do you think they would say?

Hamish: I think they would say, ‘I don’t believe you, but can we have some money? If you’re telling us that you’ve both got full-time jobs, give us $50 because we’re broke and there’s a new store called Boost Juice and I really want to try their King William Chocolate’.

True Story with Hamish & Andy screens on Nine on Tuesdays at 8.40pm

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