Entertainment TV What to watch on Netflix and Stan this month

What to watch on Netflix and Stan this month

imposters show
The second season of highly addictive con-artist drama Imposters arrives on Stan on April 6. Photo: Stan
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Scrolling through the same titles night after night is a familiar sensation for anyone with a subscription to streaming services like Netflix or Stan.

While video-on-demand providers have revolutionised our viewing habits, they’re often found lacking when it comes to fresh content.

Netflix in particular has been criticised for surreptitiously removing movie titles, with local website OzStream providing an eye-opening catalogue of just how many films exit the service each month (you can wave goodbye to comedy Friends with Kids and drama The Illusionist as of this week, for example).

But just as both services swap out certain shows and movies, they sub others in. Here are the five new arrivals you’ll be keen to unearth on Stan and Netflix this month.


Planet Earth II  – March 30

If you missed David Attenborough’s latest exploration of the natural world when it aired on Channel Nine in February 2017, you can now watch it on your own time..

The seven-part BBC series took three years to make, covers 40 countries and is as visually spectacular as it is fascinating, proving 91-year-old Attenborough has still got it.

Start watching for his soothing vocals, stay for the now-infamous iguana vs snake showdown.

Billions season three  – April 2

This pacy series about a cat-and-mouse game between a New York District Attorney (Paul Giamatti) and a dodgy billionaire hedge-fund manager (Damian Lewis) continues to pull in rave reviews and captivate audiences three seasons in.

“Hell it’s fun … even if I feel ever so slightly naughty – guilty even – for enjoying it so much,” The Guardian‘s Sam Wollaston perfectly summarised.

Imposters season two – April 6

In the deluge of awesome television shows in 2017 it was easy to overlook this quiet achiever, which is a juicy, addictive US drama about a con artist whose victims team up to bring her down.

While it features a cast of little-known – albeit eminently watchable – faces, season two heralds the arrival of big name Uma Thurman to shake things up.

The Bling Ring – April 12

Sofia Coppola’s retelling of a series of robberies of celebrity homes in Los Angeles during the late 2000s is beautifully shot and tons of fun.

Starring Emma Watson in one of her first post-Harry Potter roles, The Bling Ring is a cleverly crafted parody of Hollywood culture that has unexpectedly chilling undertones.

Frances Ha – April 23

Before she was earning Best Director Oscar nominations for Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig was starring in fantastic indie films that raked in overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and audiences.

Frances Ha hit cinemas in 2013 and was praised for capturing all the confusion, energy and beauty of being a woman in your late 20s.

But don’t go dismissing it as a simple chick flick – co-written and directed by regular Wes Anderson collaborator Noah Baumbach, it has a killer script and brilliantly showcases Gerwig’s knack for physical comedy and off-kilter humour.


The Lobster – April 1

Possibly the blackest of all the black comedies, this absurdist film from notoriously left-of-centre Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos raises a concept that will have many shifting uncomfortably in their seats.

Single people are given 45 days to find a mate or else be turned into animals. It might sound unusual but The Lobster has a brilliant cast – Rachel Weisz, Colin Farrell, John C Reilly and Lea Seydoux to name a few – and took home the coveted jury prize at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

The Bourne movies – April 1

Legacy, Supremacy, Ultimatum, Identity – you name it, Netflix has got it when it comes to the successful action blockbusters starring Matt Damon (and Jeremy Renner, briefly) as an on-the-run CIA assassin.

All that’s missing is the 2016 iteration, Jason Bourne, and that wasn’t all that great anyway.

This calls for a quadruple feature, don’t you agree?

Lost in Space season one – April 13

The classic 1960s TV series – “Danger, Will Robinson!” – gets a modern makeover thanks to the highly productive Netflix, which has added some of its trademark grit and mystery to the delightfully cheesy original.

Looking – and possibly costing – a million bucks or more, the show sees the Robinson family sent to establish a new colony in space, before being thrown frightfully off course.

Knocked Up – April 1

The crude Judd Apatow comedy about an unexpected pregnancy has a sense of humour that has endured despite it premiering 11 years – yes, 11 years! – ago.

Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen are an entirely believable unlikely couple and it’s worth watching just to see a not-yet-famous Kristen Wiig play a hilariously snarky television TV boss.

Speed – April 7

File this one under the ‘impossible not to like’ tab. Young ingenue Sandra Bullock teams up with 90s action heartthrob Keanu Reeves to save a busload of terrified people at breakneck speed.

This 1994 nail-biter set the standard for thrillers and continues to impress 24 years later.

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