Entertainment TV Sam and Snezana: The Bachelor’s best love story adds another layer

Sam and Snezana: The Bachelor’s best love story adds another layer

sam and snezana the bachelor
New parents Snezana Markoski and Sam Wood aren't ashamed of having met on reality television. Photo: Getty
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When personal trainer Sam Wood chose single mother Snezana Markoski over Sydney-based singleton Lana Jeavons-Fellows on the finale of The Bachelor‘s third season, the nation was stunned.

A seemingly unlikely romance with both personal and logistical obstacles, three years later Wood and Markoski, both 37, have proven to be one of the show’s most enduring love stories.

After the premiere aired, Markoski moved to Melbourne, Wood took on parenting duties for Eve, her 12-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, the pair got engaged in 2015 and, at the end of last year, they welcomed their daughter Willow.

While most children ask their parents how they met, it’s rare the parents can supply a neatly edited video recording of their first encounter – especially one that also contains 20 other women.

Asked if they’re willing to open up that part of their lives to their daughter, Wood laughs.

“I’ve never thought about that! I don’t know – that’s a great question,” he told The New Daily while promoting the DVD release of Daddy’s Home 2.

“Look, we don’t shy away from it. We’re not embarrassed about how we met. I think we’ll all probably sit down one day and have a bit of a watch and a laugh once Willow’s old enough to understand.

“I’m sure Eve will be able to put her little spin on it and tell some funny anecdotes. It will be interesting what the world looks like when that day comes and how that’s perceived in the eyes of a 10-year-old, 10 years from now, I don’t know.”

While Wood said he and Markoski were “forever grateful” to the Channel Ten show for connecting them, they no longer watch the series.

“With Sophie [Monk, last year’s Bachelorette star] I definitely was intrigued – I had a bit of a look. But we don’t watch it religiously especially now things are so busy,” he said.

With a five-month-old learning to sleep through the night and a pre-teen starting high school, Wood admitted he and Markoski are struggling to maintain the svelte physiques they regularly showed off on the series.

“Owning a gym helps,” he said of his business, The Woodshed in Melbourne’s Brighton East, “but I definitely think I was a lot more anal about maintaining a routine before Willow was born.”

Meanwhile, Snezana has “only really felt like herself – in her own words – for the last couple of weeks. She was pretty tired and she went through really bad morning sickness”, Wood said.

“But we’ve been asked a lot whether Snez feels pressure to get into shape because of the celebrity position she holds and she totally doesn’t. We now exercise to feel better, not look better.”

And while it’s been well over a year since Wood proposed to Markoski with a $50,000 ring while on holiday in his home state of Tasmania, he said the wedding is a way off yet.

“We’re just having a look at wedding planning now,” he said.

“We totally put it on the backburner when Snez got pregnant and honestly until about a couple of weeks ago we hadn’t looked at it but we’re just starting now to make some enquiries.

“It seems like a priority and then when you have a baby and it suddenly seems 50 times less important.”

While the couple has the help of an enthusiastic Eve – “she’s always wanted to be a big sister” – Wood said they were “learning as we go”.

“It’s definitely been a challenge,” he said.

“But one of my favourite quotes as a parent would have to be, ‘Long days, quick years’.”

Daddy’s Home 2 is out on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™, & DVD from February 28, 2018.

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