Entertainment TV Sunrise hosts undergo awkward lie detector test

Sunrise hosts undergo awkward lie detector test

samantha armytage sunrise
Samantha Armytage admitted to theft, smoking pot and liking her dog more than her colleagues. Photo: Seven
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Sunrise hosts Samantha Armytage, David Koch and Natalie Barr have been forced to reveal they all think they’re the biggest star of the show in an uncomfortable lie-detector test.

The test, which aired on the Monday episode of the Channel Seven show, saw the morning television colleagues grilled about extra-marital affairs, drug use, theft, cosmetic surgery and workplace gossip.

But the most revealing question proved to be: “Do you think you’re the biggest star on the show?”, to which all three hosts responded, ‘no’, but were found to be lying.

“I’ve been there for the longest, but [I’m] not the biggest,” Koch – who has hosted the show since 2002 – said, immediately prompting the woman managing the machine to declare his answer as “false”.

Armytage was also caught out when the machine deemed her response – “No, the Cash Cow is [the biggest star of the show]” – to be a lie.

“That’s not true!” Armytage said.

Even Barr was accused of fudging her response, but she denied thinking she was the biggest star and accused the machine of being “inaccurate”.

When asked if there was any member of the Sunrise team they didn’t like, both Armytage and Koch said no, but their answers recorded as lies.

All three hosts admitted to gossiping about their colleagues and “spending half their time talking crap” and getting paid for it, and smoking pot.

“Not much though. Maybe a bit at uni,” Armytage contended.

Koch was accused of lying about having cosmetic surgery.

“No! Look at me!” he laughed. “I’ve got a cap on my tooth, I suppose.”

But the current chairman of the Port Adelaide Football Club couldn’t talk his way out of the final question: “Will they win the Premiership this year?”

Koch responded no but the machine registered it as a lie.

“Trying to keep a lid on it,” he reasoned.

Armytage, meanwhile, admitted to stealing “red stick-on nails” from a department store when she was eight, revealed she prefers her dog Banjo to her colleagues and said she was the best-looking person on the Sunrise desk, “compared to Kochie”.

Watch the lie detector test below

Also on Monday, Armytage made headlines for an Instagram post she made on Sunday taking a swipe at Fairfax Media for publishing an op-ed criticising her campaign to get women to have mammograms.

Headlined ‘Armytage’s advice on mammograms was foolish‘, the article claimed Armytage’s segment on breast screenings glossed over the potential health risks of the screening test.

Armytage described the article as “one of the most foolish opinion pieces I’ve ever encountered”.

“Attacking me for encouraging women to have mammograms. Honestly … At NO POINT did I give medical advice,” Armytage wrote.

“My breast cancer specialist told me she would like women to be checked from 40 onwards. And all of my statistics for this story concerning breast cancer came from Breast Screen NSW.

“Appalling that The Age newspaper would print this.”

On February 18, Armytage took to Instagram to slam paparazzi for using a drone to spy on her while at a North Bondi beach. But it has since been revealed they were actually on the hunt for Hollywood A-lister Kate Hudson who was lunching in Bondi with her boyfriend.

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