Entertainment TV ‘The single most annoying voice in television history’

‘The single most annoying voice in television history’

krystal the bachelor
Fitness coach Krystal apparently possesses the most irritating voice on television. Photo: ABC US
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A contestant on the US series of The Bachelor has been awarded the dubious honour of having “the most annoying voice of all time” following her departure from the reality TV show.

Krystal Nielson, a 29-year-old fitness coach from San Diego, California, was sent home by Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr on Monday night’s (US time) episode, prompting fans to celebrate no longer having to hear her unusual articulation.

“Krystal will be missed but the weird/annoying sounds she makes with her body and mouth? Those will not be forgotten,” comedian Jimmy Kimmel said on his late night show on Monday.

When the show first went to air in January, Kimmel played a supercut of Krystal’s Californian drawl and declared: “This Krystal might have the single most annoying voice in, not just Bachelor, but television history.

“It’s like the song the mermaids sing that make you want to crash your ship into a pile of rocks.”

Listen to Krystal’s voice below

Krystal has what many in the US call a “valley girl” accent, a term coined to describe women from the San Fernando Valley in Southern California, who are predominantly white, young and upper class.

Valley girls traditionally speak with plenty of upward inflection at the end of words and possess varying amounts of vocal fry, a phenomenon that occurs when you prolong your speaking voice at a lower register, creating a breathy, croaky noise.

Fellow contestant Rebekah, who had a scandal of her own recently, went viral on Twitter with her startlingly accurate impression of Krystal’s speaking habits.

“Krystal probably thinks she sounds like Marilyn Monroe and I think she sounds like a phone sex operator reject,” she tweeted.

She later admitted she felt guilty about mocking Krystal, writing in a social media reply: “It was not cool of me to mock her and be catty. Not proud of that.”

Meanwhile, viewers on social media compared the blonde’s voice to “nails on a chalkboard” and some questioned whether she was putting it on.

Indeed, Krystal was positioned by producers on the show as the resident villain, with the other contestants regularly accusing her of being “a fake”.

In a post-show interview, Krystal’s voice also sounded noticeably lower than it had on the series, suggesting her breathiness may have been a nervous affectation.

“I was working with what I had,” was Krystal’s take on her self-described “baby voice” on the series.

But not everyone is against Krystal – some have defended her and called her critics “bullies” for poking fun at her God-given dulcet tones.

“Krystal is clearly the show’s decided villain. But in going for the jugular — making fun of her voice, which is largely outside of her control — the girls in the house look like the villain,” wrote Refinery29‘s Rebecca Farley.

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