Entertainment TV ‘You clash when you’ve got different morals’: Sophie Monk details split from Stu Laundy

‘You clash when you’ve got different morals’: Sophie Monk details split from Stu Laundy

sophie monk
Sophie Monk said there were "absolutely" clashes during her six-month relationship with Stu Laundy. Photo: ACA
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Former Bachelorette star Sophie Monk has revealed the details of her split from Stu Laundy in a candid A Current Affair interview, admitting she staged paparazzi photo shoots and felt public pressure to keep the relationship going.

Monk claimed she had fallen in love with the millionaire Sydney publican during the finale of the reality dating show last year and the pair enjoyed a six-month romance before announcing their separation last month.

The 38-year-old singer and actress broke down in tears as she told reporter Leila McKinnon she felt pressure to keep the relationship going for the sake of the public, who kept questioning whether the two were an item.

“Every day I was getting burnt for not being affectionate, so there’s paparazzi at the airport and I was like, ‘kiss me’,” Monk admitted during the interview, which aired on Tuesday night.

The last photo of Laundy and Monk together, taken during their December/January trip to Canada. Photo: Instagram

The pair decided to part ways during a ski trip to Canada over the Christmas holidays, and McKinnon asked Monk whether there had been a “drunken fight” between them to precipitate the split.

Monk denied an intoxicated rift ended their relationship, but said she and Laundy had had a couple “clashes”.

“It ended in Canada,” she said.

“I think when you go on holiday with someone you really get to know someone and it was just, yeah, it got to the point that, again. All I can say is that we’re just very different people.

“You clash when you’ve got different morals.”

The interview also saw a sombre Monk admit, “I’ve never been that happy”.

The candid interview drew mixed responses on social media, with some viewers unsurprised by the couple’s short-lived relationship.

Others were more were more supportive.

When announcing their breakup, Monk said of Laundy: “As much as I respect him we are just very different people”.

Laundy later said in a radio interview that he only learned of their breakup indirectly.

“I sort of found out via Instagram,” he admitted, “but having said that, we both knew in our hearts … We had discussed pushing more towards a friendship.”

Monk denied the claim and said she tried to make it work with Laundy.

“We didn’t break up via Instagram. I’m not just gonna announce it on Instagram,” she said.

“I gave it my best shot, I didn’t go in this half-arsed, I went in full and ready to commit.”

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