Entertainment TV Kit Harington leaves fiancé Rose Leslie in tears after brutal prank

Kit Harington leaves fiancé Rose Leslie in tears after brutal prank

Kit Harington Rose Leslie
The Game of Thrones star may have taken his prank too far. Photo: Getty
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Game of Thrones star Kit Harington has revealed he played a prank on fiance and former co-star Rose Leslie that was so brutal she threatened to leave him if he did it again. 

Harrington, who plays Jon Snow on the hit HBO fantasy drama, was appearing in Britain’s Jonathan Ross Show this week when he shared his footage of the April Fools prank. 

It showed Leslie, who played Snow’s love interest Ygritte on GoT,  opening the fridge in their UK home and noticing something inside, before screaming and collapsing on the floor. 

The “something” in the fridge was later revealed to be an extremely realistic replica of Harington’s severed head.

“It didn’t go down well,” Harington confessed.

“My family does April Fool’s. Her family doesn’t do April Fool’s,”

“After that she was in tears,” he said. “She pretty much told me if I did it ever again that would be it – and I think that’s marriage included.”

Watch the brutal prank below

Ross asked Harrington if the couple were planning on a Game of Thrones-style wedding. 

“There is absolutely no chance of me convincing her of that,” he replied. 

The couple, who met on the Game of Thrones set while filming in Iceland, announced their engagement last month.

The duo made their first red carpet appearance in April 2016 at an awards show in London and Harington revealed earlier this year that he was living with Leslie and was “very, very happy”.

Game of Thrones fans became heavily invested in the relationship between Jon Snow and fiesty Wildling woman Ygritte, whose gripping romantic tension culminated in a steamy and very memorable scene in a cave.

Ygritte’s trademark catchphrase – “You know nothing Jon Snow” – became a highly quoted internet meme and her eventual death, in the arms of Snow at the end of season four, was one of the most powerful in the show’s history.

Leslie had been mostly silent about their romance, only revealing to The Telegraph last year that keeping it secret while they were on set together was a challenge.

“We failed miserably. We wouldn’t flirt in front of other people [and] we thought that nobody knew, but they did. And it doesn’t matter; it’s fine,” she said.

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