Entertainment TV Needing evidence, Cassie Sainsbury can’t remember her phone passcode

Needing evidence, Cassie Sainsbury can’t remember her phone passcode

Cassie Sainsbury phone passcode unlock
Cassie Sainsbury claims she can't remember the code to unlock the evidence on her phone. Photo: 60 Minutes
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Accused drug mule Cassie Sainsbury has claimed that the only hard evidence supporting her case is on a phone which she says she can’t unlock because she has forgotten the passcode.

In a 60 Minutes interview from her Bogota jail, Sainsbury – nicknamed ‘Cocaine Cassie’ – also denied claims she worked as a prostitute.

While she admitted to working at the Club 220 Sydney brothel, the 22-year-old Adelaide woman maintains the extent of her employment involved a fly-in-fly-out receptionist role.

Sainsbury was caught at Bogota’s international airport in April trying to smuggle 5.8 kilograms of cocaine inside 18 separate packages of headphones.

She told 60 Minutes that she smuggled the drugs because she was threatened by a man known only as Angelo that her family and fiancé would be killed if she failed to do so.

Sainsbury claims Angelo sent her photographs of her mother, sister and fiancé in Adelaide via WhatsApp, evidence she says will prove her innocence.

The only trouble is, Sainsbury says she does not remember the passcode to unlock her own mobile phone.

“I have been trying and trying to remember it (the phone passcode). But that’s all I can do,” she said.

“For nearly six months, I haven’t used it. I’m not going to remember … I’m sure if you were in prison you would forget it.

“I’ve told my lawyer if I knew the password I’d give it. But that’s all it is. I’ve got nothing to give them if I can’t remember.”

In a small clue, Sainsbury added she could not offer any further detail on her job at the brothel as it had links to her case.

“Honestly, I can’t discuss that right now … because everything that happened, it’s all linked to my case,” she said.

After her arrest in April, Sainsbury has spent the subsequent months living in Colombia’s largest women’s prison El Buen Pastor. After an earlier plea deal fell through she is now facing a 20-year term unless she can prove claims of being coerced to take part in the smuggling operation.

While some of the questions in the 60 Minutes interview probed Sainsbury, there was little spoken of her fiancé Scott Broadbridge who was being investigated by the Australian Federal Police.

Sainsbury’s arrest had led to a string of revelations including financial pressures and “lies”, some of which she has rejected as false and many of which appear contradictory to her own story.

Her latest version of events claim she was working as a legitimate international courier transporting documents, paying $10,000.

This story is at odds with her sister’s personal training promotion claims and her fiancé’s belief that she had been working for a cleaning company – all shrugged off in the interview as a “misunderstanding”.

“If you were in this situation, you wouldn’t want people saying, ‘She did this, she did that. She’s lying. She’s a drug addict. She’s a hooker’,” Sainsbury said.

“Until people know completely what happened, they shouldn’t be forming opinions.”