Entertainment TV Sophie Monk as The Bachelorette is television magic

Sophie Monk as The Bachelorette is television magic

bachelorette sophie monk
Self-proclaimed bogan and the new Aussie Bachelorette Sophie Monk has won Australia's collective hearts. Photo: Facebook/TheBachelorette
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There can be no winner in this season of The Bachelorette, because no man – or woman – is deserving of the bogan goddess that is Sophie Monk.

The former reality star may be the most likeable woman in the country if the social media reaction surrounding her dating show debut is anything to go by.

Hugging her beloved pet dog Rupert and doing her best broad Aussie accent, the blonde bombshell lumbered her way into our collective hearts.

I’m just here because I want to find a good man that I think would be a good father” the 37-year-old said through tears, before admitting her Hollywood career had put her hopes of a family on hold.

I’m looking for someone that’s like Dad – but not the looks, I want handsomer.”

That’s not a word Soph, but you know what? It should be. 

However, “I don’t want someone prettier than me, to be honest,” she tells host Osher Gunsberg (who, by the way, may be the only man who could rival Sophie’s loveable factor). 

Almost on cue, in walks Apollo, the 24-year-old magician who, despite sounding terrible on paper, is a Disney prince of a man.

She claims to be a terrible flirt, but Sophie has a response to everything. Gone are the awkward pauses we’ve come to expect from the usually painful Ten seriesreplaced with genuinely hilarious banter.

“I always thought magicians were nerdburgers that sit in their bedroom, practising all day, but he was smooth,” Sophie admits. 

The next contender, vineyard owner Jarrod, brings some grapes for him and Sophie to crush, and she’s delighted.

“I love wine. That’s my hobby and my passion. Drinking it, not making it,” she tells him, as Twitter explodes with love-heart emojis. 

Sophie seems genuinely surprised at the amount of interest she’s receiving, and counters compliments with wide-eyed gratitude.

James, a sweetly nervous financial advisor, is an early contender, turning women everywhere into mush with his stilted smile before getting lost between the car and the mansion – adorable.

Another clear favourite is Luke, the handsome business culture consultant (whatever that means) from NSW. At 33, he’s the right age for Sophie and his salt-and-pepper hair earns him a comparison to George Clooney.

There’s the requisite arrogant idiot – entrepreneur Blake who claims he would “only marry a hot girl”. And then there’s Ryan, who is another breed entirely.

“I’ve got very high expectations and standards,” he declares, before grilling poor Sophie about her intentions and asking why her past relationships haven’t worked out. Goodbye, Ryan.

Sophie isn’t shaken by his piggery and enters the cocktail party in trademark fashion.

“Sophie, I believe you have something you want to say,” Osher begins.

“I’m pregnant,” she deadpans to a crowd of 18 speechless men.

Matty J and Richie are looking positively wooden at this point.

The banter intensifies into proper conversation. Sophie asks the group if any of them have ever been cheated on.

One guy, Jourdan, starts crying and Sophie immediately begins comforting him, before he admits he’s never actually been cheated on, he’s just sad at the thought of it. Hold on – what?

Sophie, ever the class act, excuses him gracefully, saying he’s under a lot of pressure and is very sensitive. She even keeps him around at elimination time because, let’s face it, he’s the resident weirdo.

She ends up booting a man named Chad and, coincidentally, another guy who looks exactly like Chad Kroeger, the lead singer of Nickelback. She sends them off with a warm hug, sincerely telling them: “I’ve loved you being here”.

It’s hard not to barrack for a woman who, after a series of Hollywood jerks, just wants “someone that loves me for me”.

How about all of Australia, Soph? Because you’ve got them wrapped around your little finger.

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