Entertainment TV ‘Isn’t that a bit much?’: The Block contestants grilled on Today show

‘Isn’t that a bit much?’: The Block contestants grilled on Today show

the block contestants sarah and jason on the today show
The Block's Sarah and Jason were forced to defend themselves during an appearance on the Channel Nine morning show. Photo: Channel Nine
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Today hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson have grilled two Block contestants accused of being poor sports for informing the show’s judges of flaws in their competitors’ apartment design.

Melbourne couple Jason and Sarah have copped backlash from fans of the reality renovating show for “dobbing in” fellow Victorians Elyse and Josh, who failed to meet building codes with their prize-winning kitchen.

After Elyse and Josh’s kitchen received a perfect score, plumber Jason went to host Scott Cam to point out the placement of their stylish stovetop created a safety hazard.

“It doesn’t meet code,” Cam concurred on Monday night’s episode, “I have spoken to the judges today and they have decided to each deduct a point.”

The decision to deduct points from Josh and Elyse’s perfect score saw them demoted to equal first place with Jason and Sarah, who claimed the $10,000 prize.

“We are figuring this is now officially war,” Lisa Wilkinson said during an interview with Jason and Sarah on Tuesday.

“Isn’t that a bit much given how much help you had completing your own rooms last week?” she added, referring to the decision from the other contestants to let the couple sit out a challenge in order to complete one of their rooms.

“Jason was merely pointing out there was a problem with the splashback … it was out of our control,” Sarah argued, insisting they never intended to strip their competition of their win.

But Wilkinson doggedly pushed for answers, demanding, “What did you want to happen then? … You hugged Scotty Cam, you certainly looked like you were thrilled.”

“I was thrilled!” Sarah admitted, “Of course I was thrilled, we won $10,000 .. it was a complete shock.”

Stefanovic then stepped in to grill Jason about how he felt about “being hated”.

“There’s a lot of hate going on and you’re at the centre of it all,” Stefanovic said.

“It’s not my fault someone put in a gas appliance wrong,” Jason, who also works as an auditor on construction projects.

“The issue for me was public safety. Caesarstone can give off a toxic gas when it’s that close to a flame.”

Stefanovic didn’t relent, going on to accuse Jason of being “a bit of a narc”.

“You’re like one of those neighbours when you see someone putting something in the bin they shouldn’t and you dob on them,” the host said.

“That sounds like you’re doing that Karl, not me,” Jason retorted.

The interview ended on a high note, however, with Stefanovic joking he “loves to hate” Jason.

“You’re definitely keeping it interesting you two,” Lisa conceded.

Viewers at home weren’t so forgiving, with some on social media blasting the pair for having a “bad attitude” and playing dirty.

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