Entertainment TV Finished yet? Bedroom reveal on The Block turns into hour-long vilification

Finished yet? Bedroom reveal on The Block turns into hour-long vilification

jason sarah
Jason and Sarah were humiliated for failing to finish their room. Photo: Channel Nine
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Records fell on The Block on Nine on Sunday night.

Jason and Sarah received three zeros from the judges – and that has never happened before.

Hardly surprising, because they hadn’t finished their master bedroom, en suite and walk-in robe. Actually they hadn’t really started it.

But the other record which probably also fell was the longest vilification ever of reality show contestants in the history of television.

It was brutal.

Admittedly, Jason didn’t make it easy on himself because he answered host Scott Cam back when he accused them of “giving up”. Seasoned viewers know, you don’t do that.

“You are on this show because you said a number of times you never give up,” Cam said. “And that is exactly what you did this week.”

scott cam
Scott Cam not at all impressed. Photo: Channel Nine

“No we didn’t give up,” Jason retorted.

“Are you saying you didn’t give up?” Cam asked, in case he misheard.

“I’m definitely saying we didn’t give up,” Jason continued. “I find it offensive that you’d even say that.”

The host’s face was a picture – tight lips, red rage.

“I’m offended too, mate,” he said.

Cue a cute montage of giving up-ness, cut to the Easy Beats Friday on my Mind.

We saw Jason juggling mandarins and Sarah asking what’s the point of getting out of bed. The problem was they had overspent on previous weeks and had no money for this room.

Then Jason revealed his grand plan to catch up. In between doing their other rooms over the final weeks, they will just pop back into the master suite and progressively finish it off. Job done!

At that point Cam’s voiceover roars: “This is The Block! You deliver one space every week!”

The media kit reveals that Jason and Sarah have been completing their own home renovation for the past 10 years and it’s still not finished.

Jason and Sarah’s efforts were contrasted with other contestants who were also doing it tough.

Sarah and Jason blew their budget early in the competition, so chose to leave their room unfinished. Photo: Channel Nine

Josh found out his beloved granddad had been taken to hospital and Wombat was left to work alone because Sticks is back home waiting for their second child to arrive.

Mind you, it should be said that Jason and Sarah gave Wombat a hand.

Still, that didn’t save them from the judges’ comments as they considered their shell of a room.



“Slap in the face.”

“Lack of effort.”

They were but a few.

On and on it went – throughout the 90-minute episode and the promos into every break. It became excruciating to watch, even with the relief offered by some terrific room reveals.

Jason and Sarah have had several ups and downs over the past few years.

Jason was misdiagnosed with cancer and was given six months to live. He’s also painted as a “sensitive soul” who does not take criticism well.

Money has been tight so Sarah works as a palliative care nurse.

Maybe those tough times mean they will be okay at the end of this public humiliation.

Like kids in the headmaster’s office, Cam instructed them to finish the master suite as well as the next room before next Sunday otherwise they’re “off The Block.

Maybe they’ll decide it’s just not worth it.

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