Entertainment TV Sam Armytage told she is ‘full of crap’ in uncomfortable Sunrise interview

Sam Armytage told she is ‘full of crap’ in uncomfortable Sunrise interview

Griffin was unhappy during the interview. Photo: Sunrise
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Sunrise co-host Samantha Armytage clashed with controversial comedian Kathy Griffin in an uncomfortable interview on Tuesday morning’s Sunrise program.

Griffin, who will tour Australia in October and was appearing on the morning show to promote her visit, took exception at some of Armytage’s questioning.

The American was asked about a stunt she pulled earlier this year, when she took part in a photo shoot holding a bloodied head of United States President Donald Trump.

The fall-out from the edgy photo was big: Griffin lost a role with CNN, endorsement deals, many friendships, and was personally criticised by Mr Trump, who said she should be “ashamed” and that his 11-year-old son, Barron, was “having a hard time” after seeing the photo.

So, naturally, the issue was going to come up in questioning. Not that Griffin enjoyed it.

“You’re full of crap. Stop this. You know this,” Griffin said.

“Stop acting like my little picture is more important than talking about the actual atrocities that the President of the United States is committing.”

Griffin added that she was done with saying sorry for the stunt.

She apologised after the stunt, tearfully, acknowledging that she went too far, and was then the subject of a two-month federal investigation, during which she claimed to receive death threats.

“No, I don’t apologise for that photo anymore,” she added.

“I think the outrage is complete BS because we have real things to deal with.

“The whole thing got so blown out of proportion. I lost everybody.”

Griffin, with tongue-in-cheek, later added: “I’m in trouble according to you, Sam, way to take my back girl.”

And when Armytage insisted that she was just doing her job, Griffin responded: “I know your type … I got it. I got your number Sam. You’re like a white Trump voter in America. I got your thing.”

“I’m going to meet you in an alley … and we’re going to change beauty tips. I’m going to prove I’m not violent … I’ve got to make fun of this stuff − it is so ridiculous. It is so over the top.”

After the interview, Armytage quoted a Tweet saying Griffin was a prima donna and responded: “I know, right.”

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