Entertainment TV Viewers left feeling ‘cheated’ by Channel Ten reality shows

Viewers left feeling ‘cheated’ by Channel Ten reality shows

Survivor has switched up its schedule and left fans thoroughly confused. Photo: Network Ten
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Channel Ten viewers have been left feeling miffed after a week of false advertising, unnecessary cliffhangers and confusing schedule changes for two of its flagship reality programs, The Bachelor and Survivor.

Fans of dating series The Bachelor were in uproar following Wednesday night’s episode, which prematurely ended a tense moment with “to be continued”.

Promos for the episode promised a never-before-seen moment during the show’s nightly rose ceremony, which sees bachelor Matty Johnson send one of the women home.

Ads with taglines like “This has never happened before. Tonight, what comes next?” alongside shots of open-mouthed contestants promised a scandal of epic proportions.

But the show failed to deliver on this promised drama, leaving viewers in the dark about Matty’s big move until Thursday night’s episode aired.

“False advertising,” one viewer declared on Twitter.

“Annoying!” another wrote, “The ad showcased this big issue for today and it’s on tomorrow.”

Viewers who were unable to watch Thursday’s episode due to work or social commitments were particularly frustrated.

Channel Ten did not respond to a request for comment on whether the irritating cliffhanger was planned or accidental.

Fans of Survivor were similarly angered when the program made a schedule switch, meaning they were left waiting five days for their next fix.

The reality show following a brutal competition for survival in the wild went from airing three days a week – on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday – to just two days a week (Sunday and Monday).

Viewers who had kept their Tuesday evenings free in anticipation were left sorely disappointed after Survivor failed to air despite promos from the night before promising a fresh episode.

“Your scheduling is confusing!” viewers complained on the show’s Facebook page.

“They advertised it yesterday for tonight … so annoying,” one said.

“Boo. I was so looking forward to the next episode thinking it was tonight and even changed my plans to watch it,” another viewer posted on Facebook.

Comments on Survivor’s official Facebook page after a new episode failed to air.

A spokesperson from Network Ten confirmed to The New Daily a promo for the next episode was mistakenly aired on Monday.

“An incorrect promo unfortunately went to air on Monday night. It was a scheduling error. We had very few comments or complaints about it,” the spokesperson said.

Australian Survivor was only ever going to be Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for the first week, then Sunday and Monday from week two onwards. That was always the plan and what was in the TV guides.”

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