Entertainment TV Was Bachelor ‘police car’ a big blue or fair cop?

Was Bachelor ‘police car’ a big blue or fair cop?

the bachelor police
The arrival of a police car made bachelor Matty J nervous. Photo: Network Ten
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Australia’s state police forces may be getting into the spirit of the latest season of The Bachelor, but should they?

One of the contestants vying for bachelor Matty J’s heart is 31-year-old Michelle, a police officer from South Australia, who arrived at the bachelor mansion in Sydney in a police car. Siren blaring.

“I heard there was an emergency,” she announced.

“Is that your car?” a visibly flustered Matty J responded.

“It is, I’m Constable Paxton,” Michelle responded.

It was a great entrance, certainly, but it left some viewers thinking: ‘Hang on, if that police car and officer are at The Bachelor mansion, who’s enforcing justice on the streets?’

Rest assured concerned citizens, that was no real police car.

For starters, a spokesperson for South Australia Police clarified that since the show is filmed in New South Wales, SA Police would certainly not supply a car.

A spokesperson for NSW Police also said the car was “definitely not” a police vehicle, given, “we stopped hiring our police vehicles and uniforms several years ago”.

“We don’t allow filming of our cars for things like that generally,” the spokesperson said.

Were the police force to lend out their cars, it would have to be, “used in conjunction with a non-commercial event or activity which is organised by a government agency, not-for-profit community organisation or charity, and is publicly supported by the NSW Police Force”.

“The event/activity must also be in line with our corporate objectives, not create a conflict of interest, should provide a positive image for the NSWPF,” the spokesperson said.

Safe to say, the reality dating show fits none of those criteria.

Queensland Police also took part in the frivolity, issuing a faux “scam warning” on its official Twitter page about the show’s host, Osher Gunsberg.

“Reports @oshergunsberg has lured a 30yo Brisbane man into a romance scam for the 2nd year in row,” the tweet read, alongside a link to the government’s Scam Watch site.

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