Entertainment TV The Bachelor contestants named, but not everyone’s happy

The Bachelor contestants named, but not everyone’s happy

The Bachelor
The women in the upcoming season of The Bachelor all seem to have one thing in common. Photo: Channel 10
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Fans have noticed this year’s The Bachelor contestants have one thing in common – besides the fact that they’re all single.

Network Ten has revealed the 22 women who will be competing for Bachelor Matty J’s heart – and at face value, they are lacking in diversity in appearance.

The Bachelorettes have been criticised for all being “slim” and “white” in complexion; not so reflective of Australia’s multicultural society of women of various shapes and sizes.

Matty J, 30, will be spoiled for choice when it comes to the occupations of his prospective girlfriends, including a criminal lawyer, police officer, model and a nanny.

Their ages range between 23 and 34 years old.

Meet this season’s Bachelorettes:

  • Akoulina, 29, gymnastics coach, Queensland.

    The two-time rhythmic gymnastics champion immigrated to Australia from the Soviet Union when she was five years old and has climbed to Mount Everest base camp.

  • Alix, 24, body painter, NSW.

    She is highly competitive and loves a challenge.

  • Belinda, 34, love coach, Queensland.

    Her job involves transforming and healing couples’ relationships.

  • Cobie, 30, coal plant operator, Queensland.

    She believes being in a relationship is all about being in a team and that communication is key.

  • Elise, 29, marketing executive, Western Australia.

    The former Australian hockey player ran the New York marathon last year.

  • Elizabeth, 31, property manager, NSW.

    She loves watching rugby on the couch in her underwear.

  • Elora, 27, fitness trainer, Queensland.

    She is known by her friends as the Tahitian goddess.

  • The ladies will all be competing for Matty J’s heart. Photo: Channel 10

    Florence, 27, brand manager, Victoria.

    Flo is originally from Holland and is a perfect example of the Dutch sense of humour.

  • Jennifer, 27, marketing manager, NSW.

    She is self-assured and opinionated.

  • Laura, 30, accessories and jewellery designer, NSW.

    She has always been a free spirit but is now prioritising her love life.

  • Laura-Ann, 27, criminal lawyer, Victoria.

    A strong-willed woman, who is talkative and hates awkward silences.

  • Leah, 24, architecture student, Victoria.

    Leah is a tomboy country girl whose dream date would involve an outdoors activity such as hiking or scuba diving followed by a warm fire and toasting marshmallows.

  • Lisa, 24, model, Victoria.

    She is calm, funny, relaxed and sporty. Lisa has planned out her ‘chilled-out’ dream wedding which would involve a big cheese platter and a Mr Whippy van.

  • Michelle, 31, police officer, South Australia.

    She is strong, confident, caring and has had her heart broken a number of times.

  • Monica, 26, medical receptionist, Victoria.

    Originally from Townsville, Monica likes a spontaneous adventure and believes you always land on your feet if you take a chance.

  • Natalie, 26, midwife, South Australia.

    She is loud and eccentric.

  • Sharlene, 26, wedding planner, Victoria.

    On the side, Sharlene sings and performs in musicals. She describes herself as classy, strong, charismatic, energetic and fun.

  • Sian, 23, retail assistant, Western Australia.

    Sian is brutally honest and says she likes to wear the pants in the relationship. Her dream date would involve a home-cooked dinner and watching the basketball in pyjamas.

  • Simone, 25, office administrator, Victoria.

    She is the eldest of six children. Simone believes her heart is her best asset. Her dream date would be fish and chips on the beach.

  • Stacey, 26, gym instructor, Queensland.

    Miss Personality in 2015 Miss V8 Supercars, had a lot of rubbish relationships and wants to feel cared for, dream date something adventurous and outdoorsy.

  • Stephanie, 23, safety administrator, Western Australia.

    Stephanie says she has never been in love before and feels like her past relationships have all been lust, not love. She lives by the mantra ‘live and learn’.

  • Tara, 27, nanny, Queensland.

    Tara has a great sense of humour and one of the kids she nannies encouraged her to go on the show.

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