Entertainment TV House Rules champions crowned on Seven’s hit show

House Rules champions crowned on Seven’s hit show

House Rules winners
Aaron and Daniella Winter celebrate their victory with their sons Jaxon and Brooklyn. Photo: Channel 7
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The toolshed doors looked like they had cost Queensland couple Aaron and Daniella dearly on the final of Channel Seven’s House Rules on Sunday night.

Judge Drew Heath hated them.

“I thought they were found on a skip.”

But in the end, it was their masterly overhaul of a long, skinny, wasted space to the side of the house belonging to Kate and Harry – their Adelaide competition ‘besties’ – that won them the title and $200,000 prize money.

Aaron and Daniella racked up 27 points out of 30, winning the final by two points.

Watch the moment below:

“We just didn’t think this could happen,” Aaron said. “When we started, we just came along for an adventure, now look where we are … it’s breathtaking.”

Asked by host Johanna Griggs what the prize money means for their family, he added: “We just want to provide a beautiful life for our boys and give them opportunities that we didn’t have … (House Rules) has not only brought us closer together, but $200,000 helps us get ahead in life and means I can spend more time at home with my family … it’s beautiful.”

Their brief was to create the “ultimate ‘boho’ blokes’ hangout” and they delivered three areas. They came up with an inside/outside room, a garden oasis and a separate tool shed for Harry – renowned, on the show, for his disorganisation.

The design included a pull down projector screen for watching the footy and a plumbed-in beer keg.

Kate and Harry, meanwhile, had the comparative luxury of a beautiful waterfront site at Aaron and Daniella’s Gold Coast home. They had to build a Vegas-style pool party cabana with a cocktail bar and, of course, a barbecue.

House Rules Grand Final SA secret room AFTER (done by team QLD) 9318_resize
The judges were impressed by Aaron and Daniella’s design. Photo: Channel 7

Harry had to Google cabana to find out what it meant and enthused about the “moogaritas” that his friends would be able to have in their new area.

Kate pointed out he actually meant mojitos and margaritas.

They created a beautiful space – but copped flak for not planning the barbecue area particularly well – and for choosing black furniture. This was the furniture they were spray painting from white as time ran out.

It was a loved-up final. The best friends from the series renovated in friendship for their opponents. As a result, the episode was full of good humour.

Problems like the dreaded doors being too big, electrical cables needing to be boxed in, and mirrors not turning up were all calmly dealt with.

Even the slow (very slow) wading through a thick treacle spread of clichés – and the relentless promos – didn’t really spoil the vibe.

Harry and Kate worked as a team with no arguments. This was the couple that many feared would not survive the series.

“We didn’t kill each other,” said Kate.

“We got a newly renovated family home from coming on to the show while living in a caravan. We learnt how to communicate.”

Harry agreed with Griggs’ assessment that he came into the competition as a boy and left as a man.

“It really made me grow up.”

Kate and Harry created a Vegas-style cabana area at Aaron and Daniella’s house. Photo: Channel 7

Carpenter Aaron, 31, and dancer Daniella, 38, were early favourites. They were known as incredibly hard workers who struggled with being away from their two young sons for so long.

Their attention to detail let them down at times but not in the final.

“This is life-changing,” Aaron said afterwards.

He also aggravated some of the other contestants with his confidence but even grumpy Troy admitted he knew his stuff.

“I thought he was full of s**t but he proved me wrong. He’s a machine.”

For those who missed the final, the interminable ads included a casting call for the next series. No stopping this Channel Seven hit.

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