Entertainment TV Billionaire’s daughter and Love Child star wants to ‘make it on her own’

Billionaire’s daughter and Love Child star wants to ‘make it on her own’

Sophia Forrest
Sophia Forrest wants to make her mark on the world, without her father's help. Photo: Instagram
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She’s the daughter of mining billionaire Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest and wants to take the Australian film industry by storm.

Sophia Forrest, 22, plays a starring role in Nine Network drama Love Child as pregnant schoolgirl Debbie Hampshire.

But despite her generous philanthropist father’s wealth and influence, Sophia wants to make it on her own.

Mr Forrest is worth an estimated $5.5 billion, according to Forbes, and recently donated $400 million – the largest ever donation by a living Australian – to charity in May.

And he insisted it won’t be his last donation, with plans to give away the majority of his fortune and not leave it for Sophia and her two siblings, Grace, 23 and Sydney, 17.

Mr Forrest donated the record-breaking figure to a number of causes, including cancer research and the eradication of slavery.

But according to Sophia, she is quiet happy not to have an inheritance.

“Inheritance has never really made sense to me,” she told Fairfax Media.

“You watch it tear families apart and it baffles me. You’re not entitled to that money, you haven’t earned it, you haven’t worked for it – I don’t see why you think it should be yours. So we all agreed to give it all away.

Sophia Forrest
Sophia and her father Andrew. Photo: Instagram

“It’s a relief to know it’s not my problem. It’s going to better things. I don’t need it. I’m going to work and make it on my own.”

Sophia has quickly risen up the ranks of the Australian media industry, having landed her first TV gig just two weeks after graduating from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts last year.

Since Love Child wrapped earlier this year, Sophia has secured a number of impressive jobs including a starring role in upcoming mystery-thriller Reaching Distance, and the stage production of Let the Right One In, a Swedish horror-romance play, in December.

She’s also auditioned for a pilot in the US.

But for now, she wants to focus on Australian film and a possible return to Love Child next year.

“I love acting,” she said.

“I love telling Australian stories. It’s an industry I’ve always had an interest in. You can change people’s lives through storytelling.

“If [Love Child goes] for a season five, they have the option to bring me back.”

She also previously worked for Donnie Darko producer Hunt Lowry’s screenwriting firm in Los Angeles in 2013 and starred in the Australian short Riptide in 2016.

Sophia Forrest
Sophia Forrest and Russell Crowe on The Mummy red carpet in Sydney. Photo: Getty

It’s part of Sophia’s mentality to be “constantly working, looking for work” – a trait she picked up from Oscar-winning actor and friend Russell Crowe.

And Crowe – who directed and starred alongside Sophia in the post-World War I film The Water Diviner in 2014 – expects big things from the Australian newcomer.

“Sophia is thoroughly grounded, she has an undeniable screen presence, a steely determination and a desire to excel,” he told Fairfax.

“Add to that her beauty and a natural sense of fun, it’s a compelling combination.”

The season four finale of Love Child airs on Tuesday night.

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