Entertainment TV First Dates reminds us that Cupid’s arrows don’t always fly true

First Dates reminds us that Cupid’s arrows don’t always fly true

First Dates
Things got very, very awkward on First Dates. Photo: Channel 7
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Sometimes you need to phone a friend to get through the awkward moments of a first date.

But you probably shouldn’t get caught while doing it.

On Tuesday night’s season finale of First Dates, 23-year-old business owner Zoe and 25-year-old Navy tactician Matt started their date off without a hitch.

After a batch of mojitos and an entree of oysters (that Zoe hated), the awkward silence set in.

Zoe slipped off to the bathroom for a quick strategy meeting.

“Like, what do I do? How do you, like… I don’t know where to go from here. I don’t know what to do. I’m so nervous. Even after five drinks and all the rest of it, I’m still, like, freaking out,” she said on the phone.

First Dates
Things got a little awkward in the bathroom. Photo: Channel 7

But she was abruptly interrupted and broke into ungainly laughter as Matt entered the bathroom.

“OK, I’m on the phone to you and he’s just walked into the bathroom, so that’s cool,” she said to her friend.

“So that wasn’t awkward…”

Matt did his best to battle through the sticky situation: “It was, wasn’t it? It’ll look even better if we walk out of the bathroom at the same time.”

One toilet break and a “hand washing” conversation later, Matt knew he was well out of his comfort zone.

“Oh, my God. Lucky I didn’t fart, hey?” Matt whispered to himself.

Zoe agreed to a second date, a proposal Matt gracefully declined.

‘Guys do get scared that I’ll get attached’

Bianca, a 21-year-old university student from New South Wales and self-proclaimed virgin, had a point to prove as she entered the First Dates restaurant.

“As a virgin, I think it’s hard at uni, have all these assumptions – of who you are as a person. Because guys do get scared that I’ll get attached and they’ll have to deal with that,” she said before the date.

But as her date with “Greek God” Melbourne property developer Christian came to an end, Bianca seemingly forgot the memo.

“I fancy Christian a lot. I’m not even going to deny it. Like, he’s hot, he’s handsome, and he is the type of person that I can see myself being with for a really long time,” she said.

First Dates
In the end, Bianca got her man. Photo: Channel 7

And by Awkward Question Time her intentions only became stronger.

Bianca said she “absolutely” wanted a second date with Christian, while he was a little more hesitant, saying it would be difficult seeing they live in two different states.

But that wouldn’t stop Bianca.

“I’m really optimistic about this I didn’t want it [the date] to end, so we can take it as it comes, really. Just taking it day by day, but this is incredible and I’m really happy,” she said.

Christian’s big gulp and blank stare said it all.

He did, however, change his mind and accept a second date, sealing it with a kiss.

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