Entertainment TV The five things you’re doing that are bad for the environment

The five things you’re doing that are bad for the environment

The Chaser's Craig Reucassel breaks down five surprisingly wasteful behaviours. Video: The New Daily
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Concerned with the amount of waste everyday Australians are producing, The Chaser’s War on Everything star Craig Reucassel set about finding the cause of our growing environmental disregard.

What he discovered was a sea of empty takeaway coffee cups, thousands of ‘ugly’ bananas and piles of abandoned clothing.

In his new three-part series War on Waste, Reucassel endeavours to find a solution to these unexpectedly imprudent everyday practices.

The political commentator and comedian spent time with average Australians, going through their shopping trolleys and bins to shock them into action.

When it came to concern for the environment, Reucassel found a surprising divide between younger and older generations.

“Instinctively you think younger people care more about the environment but I also think they’re more used to a throwaway society where goods are bought cheaply and chucked away,” he told The New Daily.

“Whereas an older part of society may not classify themselves as environmentalists but actually their practices are more geared towards that.”

Reucassel also discovered a socioeconomic divide in the amount of food families were throwing away.

“Interestingly enough, some of the studies show that wealthier families tend to chuck out more food because budget is not a concern,” he said.

But what surprised Reucassel most was his visit to banana farms in far north Queensland in episode one, where tonnes of fruit were being abandoned because they didn’t meet strict aesthetic standards.

“For me the banana farms were probably the most shocking,” he said.

“People in the city are used to fruit and vegetables being in a wonderful supermarket with beautiful lights and you don’t get to see the hard work that goes into it.”

Craig Reucassel’s three-part series War on Waste premieres on Tuesday at 8.30pm on ABC.

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