Entertainment TV Delta Goodrem is the kind heart and pure soul of The Voice. So back off, trolls

Delta Goodrem is the kind heart and pure soul of The Voice. So back off, trolls

When Natalia Eggett flopped on The Voice no one was more upset than daughter Kayla, who burst into tears. Delta organised the group selfie.
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Delta Goodrem is the heart and soul of The Voice and those gutless people who slag her off – usually hiding behind fake names on social media – should back right off.

Let’s not regurgitate the rubbish the trolls write about how she dances, pushes the voting button, or what she says on the show. It’s mean, petty and downright unfair – which led Today newsreader Sylvia Jeffreys to defend Delta on Channel 9 website, Honey.

“Aside from her undeniable, indisputable talent, Delta is supremely kind. She radiates warmth and makes everyone in her presence feel like a dear friend. If any of these Internet haters came face to face with Delta, they would melt into a pathetic little puddle of regret,” Jeffreys wrote.

“As we report on the constant parade of football players in and out of magistrates courts, Delta is the wholesome, hardworking, humble role model we crave.”

That’s partly why The Voice producers bring her back year after year – that and the fact that she’s also a terrific musical talent who coached last year’s winner, Alfie Arcuri.

Let’s examine Delta’s televisual qualities a little closer. Take the first episode of the latest series as an example.

Music is everything for contestant and single mum Natalia Eggett, 31. She had financed her own record, which hadn’t done well. She had put everything into her career – watched closely by 11-year-old daughter Kayla – and The Voice was her big moment.

Sadly, her performance of huge Ike and Tina Turner hit River Deep, Mountain High didn’t cut the mustard with the judges and no chair turned.

No one was more devastated than Kayla, who sobbed in host Sonia Kruger’s arms backstage. Who brought Kayla out on stage, hugged her and organised a selfie for her with her mum and the panel?  Delta, that’s who.

Who calmly suggested that 20-year-old Bojesse Pigram start again when he fluffed his song? Delta. And then she praised him for his recovery.

Who sided with Kelly Rowland and played the peacemaker when Seal and Boy George slated her for nabbing Gemma Lyon without playing by the judging rules? Delta.

She gives the show great, compassionate moments. It’s one reason why she’s there.

So what if Delta stands on her chair and uses her foot to push the voting button? Kelly Rowland used her foot and nobody had a go at her.

So what if she dances like nobody’s watching. She has an awesome body. She’s extremely beautiful. She can sing. She clearly loves what she does.

And that’s the problem, of course. The faceless trolls can’t deal with Delta’s talent and abilities. Luckily the show’s producers ignore them and keep backing the woman Boy George calls “The Princess of Australia”.

Long may she reign.

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