Entertainment TV This is who should win the 2017 Gold Logie

This is who should win the 2017 Gold Logie

Could sole female nominee Jessica Marais claim the Gold? Photo: Nine
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The horses are at the starting gate for the Gold Logie, but who will take the gong?

And the nominees are…

Jessica Marais

What for? Love Child (Nine) and The Wrong Girl (Ten).

What are her chances? She’s been nominated six times before (including for the Gold) and won three. Karl Stefanovic beat her to Gold in 2011. This time, she’s the only woman out of six finalists in a vote straight out of the 1960s world of Love Child.

Will she win? Nope. She’s The Wrong Gender.

Rodger Corser

What for? Doctor, Doctor (Nine) and The Doctor Blake Mysteries (ABC)

What are his chances? He once beat 6000 others to win the lead in the stage musical Rent so will he beat just five rivals to win this time? Doctor Doctor trounced the The Wrong Girl in the ratings and he may have captured the female vote.

Will he win? Nope. He played a cute doctor but was so much more memorable in his gutsy police roles in series like Underbelly and Water Rats.

Grant Denyer

What for? Being the much-loved host of Family Feud, All Star Family Feud and The Great Spelling Bee (Ten).

What are his chances? He apparently knocked on heaven’s door in a car smash a few weeks ago – and he’s been knocking on the Logies door for 10 years with nominations but no wins. Family Feud won the best entertainment show last year and he’s in our lounge rooms every night – backed (like many) by a powerful publicity machine.

Will he win? Maybe, but he’s like a familiar comfy chair that’s sat in the corner for years. Loved but not as valued as it should be. And The Great Spelling Bee was very, very annoying.

Waleed Aly

What for? The Project (Ten)

What are his chances? He won it last year – much to the surprise of many pundits. He’s constantly in the news and his acceptance speech last year woke the Logies audiences up.

Will he win? He’s in with a strong chance – particularly with stunts like eating a non-halal Easter egg to upset Pauline Hanson.

Peter Helliar

What for?The Project (Ten)

What are his chances? Helliar’s emotional plea for his own Gold Logie to match his co-hosts has got him to the finish line this year – along with locking lips with Robbie Williams. He also delivers countless funny videos so he will have brought a warm fuzzy feeling to voters when they saw his name.

Will he win? Runner-up this year because three Project Gold Logie winners in three years for would beggar belief. Wouldn’t it?

Samuel Johnson

What for? Playing Molly Meldrum in Molly (Seven)

What are his chances? Johnson has far more important things on his mind as his sister Connie battles cancer. He quit acting to work full-time for their charity, Love Your Sister. But he was stunning as one of Australia’s most-loved performers Molly Meldrum. The audience was huge and they loved him – unlike other biopics this year.

Will he win? Hopefully the public voted in droves for Johnson, but also for great commercial Australian TV drama. He would rather focus on his charity fundraising than win this Gold. He could be doing both. A winner, all round.

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