Entertainment TV Q&A’s swearing granny strikes again on The Project

Q&A’s swearing granny strikes again on The Project

Patricia and Ron Fellows
Patricia and Ron Fellows had The Project panel in hysterics. Photo: Channel 10
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The swearing grandmother who called “bulls**t” on anti-euthanasia claims on ABC’s Q&A on Monday night has amused viewers with yet another fiery retort on national television after becoming an online sensation overnight.

Appearing on Network Ten’s The Project alongside 90-year-old husband Ron on Tuesday evening, Patricia Fellows had the audience and the entire panel in stitches once again with her spunky attitude towards pushing for euthanasia laws.

“I strongly believe that we should be able to finish off our life in a manner that’s befitting how we’ve always lived, darling. You know, and I don’t believe it’s up to anyone to tell us that we cannot do this,” the 81-year-old said.

“And I, for the life of me, I couldn’t understand why Margaret [Somerville] kept saying that it was an infringement on society. What has society got to do with it? It should only involve ourselves and our family.”

When asked to explain at what point they believe euthanasia should become an option, Patricia threw the question to her husband: “Ron, you take that.”

“Well, terminal illness would be one factor. And that would be, as far as I’m concerned, the major consideration,” he said.

“When we can no longer care for ourselves, I want to just be able to say, ‘Bye bye,’ and our family are in full agreement.”

Peter Helliar asked whether it had been a greater shock for their kids to hear Patricia swear on national television than when the couple talked to them about their wish to end their lives when they could no longer care for themselves.

Patricia hilariously responded with a blunt “No”.

“No. They’ve heard it before, darling,” she said.

“And, actually, I was absolutely astounded at the attention I’ve got from saying ‘bulls**t’ on national television! I’ve said it twice now!”

And Patricia did not fail to deliver, ending the interview on a high note.

“Oh, it’s our pleasure, darling … Will I say it again, ‘bulls**t’?”

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 7.54.25 pm
The Project panel crack up after Patricia drops the “B” word again. Photo: Channel 10

The Sydney couple had told Q&A they intended to seek some form of euthanasia when they can no longer care for themselves, as they did not wish to live their final years in an aged-care facility.

Shocked by visiting Canadian academic and fellow panellist Margaret Somerville’s claims, which likened euthanasia to “intentional killing”, Patricia stunned the audience by cursing.

Earlier, Ms Somerville had said she was against euthanasia because the risks and harms of “legalising doctors to be able to take the lives of their patients by inflicting death intentionally is so dangerous that we shouldn’t allow it”.

“Your death doesn’t affect just you. Your death is a social event. It affects your family, it affects your community,” Ms Somerville said.

“And ultimately, if what we’re doing in society is changing the law to allow this type of — putting it bluntly, killing — then it is a seismic shift in our values as a society, and it doesn’t uphold respect for life at a societal level.”

Patricia wouldn’t have any of this.

“It’s not about killing anyone. We will be doing it ourselves. I’m not asking Ron to kill me. I will do it myself. And Ron will do it himself,” she said.

“I don’t know what you’re on about, darling, about killing. That is definitely the wrong word to be using.”

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