Entertainment TV ABC newsreader Natasha Exelby’s jaw-dropping on-air moment

ABC newsreader Natasha Exelby’s jaw-dropping on-air moment

ABC Natasha Exelby blooper
ABC newsreader Natasha Exelby got a shock when she was caught daydreaming on the job. Photo: ABC
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ABC newsreader Natasha Exelby’s amusing “human” reaction to an awkward situation live on-air has brought smiles to thousands of viewers nationwide.

Exelby thought she was safe when the cameras flicked back to the unsuspecting presenter who, appearing to be deep in thought, was innocently fiddling with her pen.

She was due to throw to the sport segment when a prerecorded package concluded and directors cut back to the studio.

Rather than seamlessly maintaining composure, coming to this sudden realisation Exelby jumped with fright, audibly gasping in sheer horror and immediately dropped her pen.

“Now to sport with Meredith Sheehan,” she said.

Exelby may have made a quick recovery, but not before she had sent viewers across the country into fits of laughter.

The clip was later shared via Media Watch‘s Facebook page, attracting more than 69,000 views.

Some viewers noted her extreme reaction and wondered if it the incident had been staged. However the Media Watch account rejected these claims.

Many other viewers thanked Exelby for the “refreshingly natural” reaction, a “beautiful absolutely real moment” that is uncommon for television.

It is not the first time Exelby has been caught off guard on national television.

While working for Network Ten, Exelby laughed through a segment where she was presenting a news report about tragic incidents.

She later apologised for her insensitivity.

“I just wanted to apologise,” Exelby said later in the bulletin.

“I got a case of the giggles a little bit earlier while reading some very serious news and if I have offended anyone I am sincerely sorry.”

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