Entertainment TV The best new television dramas, plus a few laughs

The best new television dramas, plus a few laughs

Jude Law plays the first American Pope in a new series on SBS. Photo: SBS
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Fancy a bit of footy, sex, crime – and Jude Law’s bum? Well, stand by for a great new crop of drama surfacing on screens near you in the next month.

The Warriors (ABC)

Let’s start with the footy.

The ABC’s new (and funny) drama The Warriors airs on TV and iView on Thursday April 12.

The titular footy club is a screwed-up outfit hoping for a reinvention, led by some bright new talent (in particular, the fabulous Gordon Churchill playing Maki Burrawuy), a sassy, tough PR woman (Lisa McCune) and a grumpy bugger of a club president (John Howard).

The new talent lives in the rookie house and, within minutes, Maki is led astray by a disgraced captain (Reece Milne), who’s living there as a punishment.

There’s sex, some drugs and a great moment at the MCG.

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Seven Types of Ambiguity (ABC)

Want crime? There’s a cracker in Seven Types of Ambiguity also on the ABC on April 12.

A child’s “kidnapping” is at its heart and if you like complexity, tragic families, angst and deep and meaningful drama, this is for you.

It’s crammed full of great actors – including Hugo Weaving, Alex Dimitriades, Xavier Samuel and Susie Porter.

Each beautifully made episode moves the story along through a different character and adds layers of compelling intrigue.

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The Young Pope (SBS)

Which leads us to Jude Law’s bum.

It features in The Young Pope, where Law plays Lenny Berlado – the first American Pope.

He has won the position thanks to the manoeuvring of the cardinals who want a telegenic, malleable Pope.

The first episode features an extraordinary scene where he addresses the faithful in St Peter’s Square, telling them: “We have forgotten how to masturbate, use contraception, get abortions, celebrate gay marriage, have sex other than for procreation without feeling guilty – and how to divorce.”

He was only dreaming.

It is, in fact, his nightmare (literally) and, in reality he is aiming to turn back the clock on all of the advances which he decides are progressive. A huge battle erupts within the church.

What follows is a beautifully directed, definitely weird, almost horror story from renowned Italian director Paolo Sorrentino.

This series is controversial but is being tipped as the drama of the year by some critics.


Wentworth (Foxtel – for those willing to pay)

If you are able to spend a bit of money, season five of Wentworth is back on Foxtel and it’s an absolute must-watch.

Queen Bea (Danielle Cormack) – the series lynchpin since the beginning, is dead. Killed bizarrely by the prison governor (played by the superb Pamela Rabe).

The governor’s now a prisoner and Rabe gives Anthony Hopkins a run for his money, shaping up as Wentworth’s own Hannibal Lecter.

Those worried Bea’s death spelt the end of the series need worry no more.

Through a tragic set of circumstances, Franky Doyle (the excellent Nicole Da Silva) is back inside.

The prisoners want her to take on the Top Dog role – but she’s got her own problems as she’s stitched up for a murder she didn’t commit.

This is drama at its best.

showcase_EP 1 WWS5 - Allie wants revenge for Bea and attacks Joan Ferguson in the yard 19_FXTL2017

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