Entertainment TV Married at First Sight: Boys’ night comments come back to haunt groom

Married at First Sight: Boys’ night comments come back to haunt groom

The body language between Cheryl and Andrew is telling. Photo: Channel Nine
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Normally when people who have behaved badly are confronted with what they’ve done, there’s some embarrassment – perhaps even an apology if they’ve hurt somebody along the way.

Not so in the finale of that great social experiment in matchmaking – Channel 9’s Married at First Sight – which finished on Monday night.

Remember Andrew? He had made some shocking comments about Cheryl, who was his second “wife” after he was dumped by his first “wife” Lauren early in the series.

He was at a boys’ night and was foul about Cheryl for, among other things, her conversation skills, which he said were all over the place “like Brockie at Mount Panorama”.

And when Nick asked him: “When you are making conversation, what are you making eye contact with?”, Andrew said – with his hands outstretched appearing to grope imaginary breasts – “eyes, of course”.

When asked if he thought it could work, he shook his head and said he was “better matched with Lauren”.

“Lauren’s actually heaps more fun to hang out with than Cheryl,” he laughed.

In the finale – where the 20 participants (minus Scarlett who had quit earlier) regrouped to have a post-mortem – Andrew was shown the footage of his comments.

Admittedly, he cringed a bit – but, mostly, he laughed, even though Cheryl was seated next to him and clearly upset by what she was seeing.

He claimed he was taken out of the context of the boys’ night out.

“It was so lighthearted.”

He almost (but not really) apologised, saying: “It’s not nice to see those words.”

Series villain No.2 was race-caller Anthony, who played with Nadia’s heart and dumped her less than 24 hours after the cameras stopped rolling.

He had also joined in slagging off Cheryl, and in the finale said that was really the only thing he regretted about the experiment.

No regrets, then, about Nadia who was “incredibly hurt” by his actions?

“You didn’t give me a chance. Instead, you ran away,” she sobbed.

“All you’ve been concerned about is the ramifications for you and how you are perceived. Nothing to do with me.”

Anthony said he was “sorry you feel that way”.

“I look forward. No point to dragging this up,” he said.

Of the 20, only four ended up happily matched.

Nick and Sharon, who still live on opposite sides of the country – but will be moving in together soon. They both admitted they are “in love”.

Simon and Alene
Simon and Alene were one of the show’s success stories. Photo: Channel Nine

And Simon and Alene – the unlikely couple.

“If we passed each other in the street, we wouldn’t have even had a second look,” said Simon, admitting that his feelings are “heading towards love”.

The couple that got away was Susan and Sean. Channel 9 teased the hell out of their story – implying that they had got back together so many times.

Nope, they remain good mates who love each other but, for now, that’s it.

Not a great strike rate for the matchmakers – but this, unlike other TV shows, was an interesting “social experiment”.

It offered a strong premise, an interesting process and an opportunity for an experiment post-mortem. More satisfying than many.

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