Entertainment TV Real Housewives of Sydney have a unique approach to school pick-up

Real Housewives of Sydney have a unique approach to school pick-up

How the Real Housewives of Sydney do school pick-up Photo: Getty
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As the clock nears 3pm parents prepare for the hectic school pick-up, but the Real Housewives of Sydney cast have revealed their secrets about how they circumvent the stress of battling the school traffic.

Studio 10 panellist Jo Casamento revealed the glamours housewives’ trick that ensures their kids are picked up from school without the daily ‘chore’ cutting their long, social lunches short.

“I was at a lunch the other day with the housewives of Sydney,” she said.

“I deliberately scheduled it for 12 o’clock in the afternoon thinking, three o’clock, they’ve all got kids, they’re all going to need car pick-ups.

“Three o’clock, I was the only one that got up from the table. They all rang up their Uber drivers or chauffeurs to collect their (kids) from the car line at school.”

Ms Casamento said she was “quite miffed” and was particularly annoyed when one of the women offered to send a driver to her childrens’ school.

“I was like, that’s just outrageous,” she said.

The concept divided the Studio 10 as they discussed the new Uber-style Sydney-based taxi service for kids.

Qualified drivers under the program would be required to pass interviews, police checks and working with children checks, and could be used by busy parents not only to travel to and from school but for extra-curricular activities and Saturday sport.

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