Entertainment TV Steve Price breaks down in tears on I’m A Celebrity

Steve Price breaks down in tears on I’m A Celebrity

Steve Price
Steve Price's reaction to receiving a letter from his daughter, Lucy. Photo: Network Ten
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Outspoken shock jock Steve Price was brought to tears on the latest episode of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!, revealing his one regret in joining the show.

On Tuesday night the radio host showed his sensitive side when he broke down crying after receiving an emotional Valentine’s Day message from his family.

Host of The Bachelor, Osher Günsberg, who went into the jungle as a guest, read the letter written by Steve’s eldest daughter Lucy, 19.

“Dear dad, thinking of you this Valentine’s Day and how proud I am of what you are doing,” it read.

“Your determination in all of the challenges so far has been inspiring to watch and I never doubted you for one minute. I have a list of new stories to tell you about when you get back, but I won’t ruin the surprise. Trump hasn’t been shot just yet. Lots of love, Lucy.”

Steve’s often tough exterior evaporated as tears streamed down his face, saying he regretted not being there for Lucy, his youngest daughter, Kate, 18, and wife of 10 years, Wendy.

“When you get to my age you realise that our children are disappearing because they are leaving home,” a visibly upset Steve said.

“It is my one regret about being here is that my kids are leaving home and not coming back for a while and I am not there. So sorry, Luce, but thanks for the card. And Kate and Wendy, thank you.”

Watch Steve Price’s emotional moment below:

His emotional tribute prompted his fellow campmates to get misty-eyed too.

“Kris (Smith) with his little boy and Steve realising he will miss his kids and I think that is when that got everyone,” a teary Dane Swan said.

The entire camp received a heartfelt message from home, but it was Steve’s uncharacteristic reaction that surprised many on social media.

Bachelor bad girl joins the jungle

Osher wasn’t the only familiar face to enter the South African jungle on Tuesday night, with feisty bachelorette Keira Maguire joining as an intruder.

She aimed to shake things up but she was in for a rude awakening – as she was revealed to the rest of the camp, and her crush Kris to little fanfare.

Steve Price
Keira from The Bachelor entered the jungle in Tuesday’s episode. Photo: Network Ten

“Hi, celebrities! Before I say hi. I have got something to announce. Osher has one final gift for you all – me,” she said nervously.

“Keira from The Bachelor for those who don’t know. From this moment on I will be your new campmate.

“I feel nervous. It is so nice to meet you all. I watched the first couple of episodes and then I’ve literally been here the whole time.”

Many I’m A Celebrity fans were less than pleased to see Kiera return to their screens.

Keira will be given a warmer welcome when she joins Dane in the next Tucker Trial on Wednesday.

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