Entertainment TV Eliminated: I’m A Celebrity contestant gets his wish

Eliminated: I’m A Celebrity contestant gets his wish

I'm a celebrity
Tom Arnold was pretty happy to be the first sent home from the jungle. Photo: Network Ten
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American comedian Tom Arnold crossed his fingers and had his wish granted by being the first eliminated from the 2017 edition of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!

Arnold dominated Sunday’s episode when his two weeks in the jungle came to an end, showing off his best “hangriness” and camp arguments, and even revealing a US election bombshell.

You couldn’t wipe the smile off his face when he beat Kris Smith and Tziporah Malkah to be the first evicted.

Earlier in the competition, Arnold said the experience was “the worst thing I’ve ever been through”, and his attitude clearly hadn’t changed since.

“It was the strangest thing I have ever been a part of, period,” he said.

“I do like the exciting stuff, the jumping off stuff, the eating stuff but the intimacy stuff, the living with strangers, as you can see (not so much) … I am sure it flies by for regular people.

“My wife said, ‘don’t be crabby and don’t cry, and you’ll be fine’. I ruined one of those.”

Arnold was paraded from the jungle to the treehouse to chat with hosts Chris Brown and Julia Morris, but for the 57-year-old a bowl of peanut M&Ms was much more important. He grabbed a huge handful before being seated.

It comes after the Roseanne star complained about food for the better part of two weeks, before his hunger and anger came to a head last week, saying, “this is stupid to starve people. Feed us some f***ing food. It’s a f***ing TV show. It’s not the f***ing military. We are not going to war.”

However, Arnold was able to keep his cool in the live interview with Brown and Morris.

“I grew up in a farm and I worked at a meat packing plant, in America we eat too much. That’s why we are so fat,” he said.

“That’s an incredibly small portion of food. I remember you saying, despite what size everybody is, everybody got the same amount of food. That’s hard.”

Tom talks Trump

Arnold also revealed Hillary Clinton asked him to release a video he claims exposes US President Donald Trump using defamatory language.

Arnold disclosed last year he had damning evidence of Trump – “every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever” – but has been hesitant to talk about it – until now.

“I had all the outtakes from Trump saying the N-word on The Apprentice,” he said.

Speaking to fellow contestant and comedian Nazeem Hussain, he confessed that then-Democratic presidential nominee Clinton called him two days before the election begging him to release the footage.

“She called me two days before the election and said ‘please release that’.”

“The weight of the free world is on your shoulders,” Arnold said.

However, it wasn’t enough to get him to expose the business tycoon, saying: “I’d love to be a hero, but I can’t hurt these families.”

He said he didn’t think it would stop President Trump from being elected.

“I don’t think people would care,” he said.

“He is sexist, he’s racist but I consider him a kind of joke,” Arnold said about Trump last week.

“I have friends that are real billionaires, that are real and I always considered him a phoney about that.”

Arnold said if he gets permission from the person who gave him the tape to release the video, he will.

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