Entertainment TV ‘Angry man’ Tyson and sister Amy earn My Kitchen Rules’ highest score ever

‘Angry man’ Tyson and sister Amy earn My Kitchen Rules’ highest score ever

Brother and sister team Amy and Tyson have pulled off an impressive feat. Photo: Channel Seven
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It was a no-brainer on My Kitchen Rules on Channel Seven on Tuesday night as siblings Amy and Tyson cooked their way to the best score ever in the history of the show.

To achieve that, they knocked over the previous “best score ever”, achieved just 24 hours earlier by Adelaide mates Tim and Kyle, by a mere two points – earning 102 out of a possible 110 points.

Judge Pete Evans gave each of their courses the perfect 10.

“I’ve never done that before,” he told them.

Tyson had been verging on arrogant with his comments on the food of other contestants since the start of the series.

“If we had a dollar for every time we heard the word ‘average’, we wouldn’t have to stick it out to the end, we’d have our $250,000 now,” said Ash who, with Bek, earned the lowest score in the history of the show and are at the bottom of the leaderboard.

The producers have sold Tyson as “the Angry Man” so everyone was hoping he would lose it in the kitchen and produce below-average food.

There were a couple of sparky moments where he said he was incredibly angry, but sister Amy managed to calm him down – much like you would a two-year-old – by giving him other jobs to take his mind off his rage.

But it was clear, from the start of the show, these two would deliver spectacular food. They worked as a team, calmly, methodically and with huge skill in the kitchen.

Tyson and Amy’s brains were a hit. Photo: Channel Seven

Their menu was distinctive and risky.

An entrée of lamb’s brain with cauliflower puree, Sriracha aioli and pickles had the contestants engaging in bad brain puns while they waited for their food. Ash came close to gagging when she saw them.

“Those were in a lamb’s head once,” said her flatmate Bek, helpfully.

But she managed to eat them, even dubbing them “enjoyable”.

The main course was pig’s jowl with eggplant puree, pumpkin puree, pommes frites and apple cider.

One of Tyson’s “don’t be angry” jobs was to plate the food, which meant it didn’t look terrific when it came out.

“This is my worst nightmare,” he said. “I’ve gone through this whole competition saying I don’t want average and I’m serving an average dish.”

Tyson was forced to plate up the meals – not his strong suit. Photo: Seven
Tyson was forced to plate up the meals – not his strong suit. Photo: Channel Seven

But the flavour left the judges almost speechless.

“The first mouthful I had, it was the best mouthful I’ve had in this competition of anything,” Pete said.

Arguably the best mouthful of the night, though, went to Bek and Kyle who had been flirting for Australia all week. At the behest of the other participants who clapped them in – they finally kissed.

The dessert was exquisite and complicated and everyone agreed it was amazing.

So, Amy and Tyson shot to the top of the leaderboard.

“What does it mean to you, Tyson?” Pete asked.

“That I’m not full of sh**,” he smiled.

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