Entertainment TV I’m A Celebrity: ‘Sleepy’ Tom Arnold emerges from bed to infuriate campmates

I’m A Celebrity: ‘Sleepy’ Tom Arnold emerges from bed to infuriate campmates

The contestants got up close and personal with some unwanted guests. Photo: Channel Ten
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Steve Price became the practical joker, Casey Donovan became the exercise queen and Tziporah Malkah got a bra.

Thursday’s episode of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! also saw Tom Arnold finally forced to rise from his bed (or was it from the dead?).

He has hardly stirred during the week – leading social media users to wonder why he wasn’t joining in the fun and frivolity.

But he was forced to rise and shine – along with his chosen celebrities – for the Fright at the Museum food challenge.

It was obvious, when he described why he chose his team members, he was still struggling to know who they were.

“Australians are brave and strong in general. So these are the top celebrities – the best of the brave and strong,” he said.

“I picked the toughest people in camp.

“Tegan here, she had to walk down a runway and people had to look at her body.

“That would be the toughest thing, I mean I couldn’t do that.

“Lisa here, I don’t know if you were aware but she was a swimmer at one time. And can you think of a more boring thing to train your whole life for – swimming.

“This here, the peacock of the show right here … ah Kris, we’re going to see what he’s made of. He’s a male model.

“Dane, I already know why I can count on him.”

“Jay? I’m counting on the Samoan part of him. No offence. I know a lot of Samoans and they are bad asses.”

But the challenge was incredibly boring and comparatively simple. The six celebrities had to sit for 24 minutes with just their heads protruding in three containers – snakes converged on one, rats on another and fluffy cute little chicks on the other.

Nothing like the others had had to put up with in previous trials.

So, it was back to bed for Tom, secure in the knowledge they won 12 stars and 12 dinners rather easily.

He tried so hard to join in with the chat by telling these celebrities about all of the real celebrities in his life.

Channel 10 even had to subtitle him as he ran through the list of people he worked with in his 120 films and the people he lived nearby – and the list was extensive.

Hugh Grant, Robbie Williams, Charlie Sheen, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguillera, Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Willis, Courtney Love.

On and on he went.

“He was in the lake the other day and said he had dinner with Michael Jackson,” said Steve Price. “Nazeem nearly drowned.”

Ash wasn’t impressed.

“He’s the biggest name dropper I’ve ever met,” she said.

“He probably thinks we’re nothing. We don’t compare to American stars.”

Nazeem added: “I have to become his friend.”

“It’s my way of joining in for a moment,” says Tom.

Epic fail. Sadly.

Back to bed goes Tom.

The social media audience wish host Julia Morris would have a little lie down too. Her critics are becoming more vociferous and scathing of her performance.

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