Entertainment TV I’m A Celebrity contestant reveals dangerous eating habit

I’m A Celebrity contestant reveals dangerous eating habit

I'm a Celebrity
Model Tegan Martin revealed she used to starve herself to get work. Photo: Network Ten
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Former Miss Universe Australia Tegan Martin has opened up on her struggle with body issues, revealing she used to starve herself to find work.

Martin, 24, spoke about the high demands required in the modelling industry on Tuesday’s episode of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! – telling her fellow contestants what she had to do to keep her career alive.

“I was too fat for Next Top Model. They made out like I was too fat for commercial [modelling],” she said.

“I have always had curves like boobs and a bum. And, um, that is why when I lived in Paris I had to starve myself to work.”

However, Tegan was flooded with support from Natalie Bassingthwaighte and former Olympian Lisa Curry, saying the demands on models are a disgrace.

“For someone, an adult, to tell a young girl that is really irresponsible actually,” Curry said.

“She’s hot, she’s beautiful, my son’s going to be sitting at home saying, ‘Mum, make sure you bring home her number’.”

Bassingthwaighte admitted she had body issues, saying: “Every woman I know has had body issues, I think at the end of the day you just have to be satisfied with yourself and treat your body with love and respect – and who cares [what people say].

“You look amazing, stick with what you got babe.”

Martin was also treated to an overwhelming number of supportive comments from viewers on social media.

Steve Price becoming a fan favourite?

The often-maligned journalist Steve Price is quickly becoming a surprising fan favourite, after choking down five downright disgusting meals in Tuesday’s Tucker Trial.

I'm a Celebrity
Steve Price felt the full force of the ‘Sushi Pain’ train. Photo: Network Ten

While his companions Nazeem Hussain, Casey Donovan and Ash Pollard gagged their way through their respective appetisers, Price had little trouble downing his.

The “Sushi Pain” train delivered the shock jock such ‘delights’ as goat’s blood, stomach, kidney and liver, cow brain noodles, an impala tongue, and a maggot rice roll with flies, fly pupae and raw liver topped with boiled cow skin soaked in offal juice.

Host Julia Morris added to his torment with the zinger of the night.

“When was the last time you had a tongue in your mouth, Pricey?” she asked.

Price survived and was praised by the audience for his efforts.

He even played the role of team motivator, inspiring a vomit-prone Hussain to get through the final meal and bring 12 out of a possible 12 stars back to camp.

“You would not want to go back to camp saying, ‘I didn’t do nothing’. You want to say, ‘we all got maximum stars’,” he said.

Tom Arnold and Aussie slang don’t mix

I'm a Celebrity
Tom Arnold was perplexed by Aussie slang, to say the least. Photo: Network Ten

Tom Arnold managed to get out of bed for all of five minutes in Tuesday night’s episode. It’s probably because he can’t understand a word anyone says.

“I do feel a little bit like an outsider because I am the only non-Aussie. It is 11-1,” he said.

“You get a bunch of them together and they are like in their clique. I have no idea what they are saying.”

Former Collingwood footballer Dane Swan tried to help out the Roseanne star, but the actor said he required a translator to understand him.

“I don’t know if he has like a southern Australian accent or whatever, but it makes no sense,” he said.

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