Entertainment TV Awkward New Year’s Eve TV countdown a big ‘stitch-up’

Awkward New Year’s Eve TV countdown a big ‘stitch-up’

new years eve countdown
This uncomfortable moment on Australian late-night TV made headlines around the world. Photo: Network Ten
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One of the hosts involved in an incredibly uncomfortable New Year’s Eve countdown on an Australian TV show has revealed it was all a pre-recorded prank.

A clip from Channel Eleven music show The Loop’s December 31 episode went viral after it featured what many deemed the “most awkward countdown ever”.

Hosts Scott Tweedie and Olivia Phyland counted down to midnight alongside a group of so-called “competition winners” whose complete lack of enthusiasm made the segment painful to watch.

A clip of the uncomfortable interaction was shared on YouTube and it soon went spread around the world, with viewers expressing disbelief it ever made it to air.

On Wednesday, however, Tweedie appeared on breakfast show Studio 10 on Wednesday to reveal the whole thing was a skit The Loop crew filmed a week in advance.

“We decided there’s going to be fireworks on another network and people are going to be out partying so if people are watching our show … let’s have a little fun with them,” Tweedie said.

“So instead of doing the greatest countdown ever, [we thought] how can we make this as awkward as possible?”

Tweedie revealed he had called in some friends to help film the skit, briefing them to be “as deadpan and sad as you can be”.

Tweedie said while they hoped to generate some social media discussion, they were unprepared for the massive response the skit received.

“We thought a few tweets, a few Facebook posts, next thing you know it … New York Post, the Pakistan Telegraph are talking about this story,” Tweedie laughed.

“We thought the clues were there … Our regular views knew 100 per cent it was a stitch-up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we got you,” Tweedie said.

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