Entertainment TV Final two contestants on The Bachelorette ‘revealed’

Final two contestants on The Bachelorette ‘revealed’

the bachelorette
It's now a two-horse race for Georgia's heart, according to New Idea. Photo: Network Ten
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In the latest in a long line of paparazzi reveals, the finalists in Network Ten’s The Bachelorette appear to have been named ahead of the finale.

Gossip magazine New Idea claims there is now a two-horse race to win Georgia Love’s heart, with 35-year-old Lee Elliott and 29-year-old Matty Johnson reaching the finale.

The 27-year-old former television journalist was snapped in Singapore in August holding hands with her final two suitors.

Bachelorette spoilers
Lee and Georgia. Photo: New Idea
Bachelorette spoilers
Matty and Georgia. Photo: New Idea

And while the reveal should be taken with a grain of salt, previous Bachelor spoilers from the magazine have been accurate.

Spoilers ahoy

Last year, the Daily Mail published images of season one Bachelorette Sam Frost and her chosen partner Sasha Mielczarek just hours before the finale aired.

That spoiler has since opened a can of worms in what has become a race to reveal the winning contestants.

The New Idea spoiled this year’s The Bachelor for its hundreds of thousands of fans when it revealed the final contenders for Richie Strahan’s heart.

In September, the magazine broke that Alex Nation was to be crowned the winner by Richie to the fury of devoted fans online.

Keeping secrets has proven a mammoth privacy mission for Network Ten and its contestants, but it hasn’t hurt ratings.

The incidents have drawn plenty of attention for the reality show – and for the participants.

Evictee Keira Maguire has been spotted hanging out with Faith. Photo: Network Ten
Evictee Keira Maguire has been spotted hanging out with Faith. Photo: Network Ten

New Idea‘s “the winners never hang out with the losers” theory has also proven to be true.

The theory was included in an article that shared Instagram photos of The Bachelor‘s Olena Khamula – who was still in the running at the time – with evictee Stephanie Dixon.

Olena made it to the final three but was later dropped for eventual winner Alex.

The same goes for Faith Williams who was pictured having a drink with “villain” Keira Maguire.

‘Watching my story with my guy is amazing’

georgia love the bachelorette
Georgia Love gave up her career in journalism to become the Bachelorette. Photo: Network Ten

Whoever the eventual Bachelorette winner is, Georgia has confirmed the two are still a couple – and they’ve been watching the show together.

“Watching my story with my guy is amazing,” the 27-year-old told The Daily Telegraph.

“Seeing it progress and hearing what’s he’s saying when I’m not there – I’m loving it so much.”

Georgia also told the newspaper she was concerned about the eight-year age gap between her and reported finalist Lee, and said she isn’t ready to start a family anytime soon.

Did Georgia spoil her own happy ending?

We’ll know for sure when The Bachelorette wraps up on October 27.

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