Entertainment TV The Bachelorette: old men hijack odd group date

The Bachelorette: old men hijack odd group date

the bachelorette
Georgia was blindfolded, and that wasn't even the most uncomfortable moment. Photo: Network Ten
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The Bachelorette star Georgia has been forced to endure a creepy group challenge where she was stroked and touched by pensioners.

Older gentlemen conducted a speed dating session with Georgia, however they were told what to say by the younger contestants via headsets.

The aim? Get Georgia to see who she connected with best when looks were taken out of the equation.

They all did okay, save for Clancy, who couldn’t think of anything to say (he was eventually sent home).

The others mostly forced the older men to make corny one-liners and, frankly, creepily touch Georgia.

Here’s how it looked:

The contestants found it hilarious, and so did Georgia (albeit through a very uncomfortable giggle).

After a few more awkward situations, which included blind dancing and writing a love letter to Georgia, Cam won the group date challenge.

Cam did okay at the date, but not as well as Lee and Jake did at the episode-ending cocktail party.

Lee seemed to want to get Georgia really drunk, because he made five cocktails which were meant to signify places he wanted to travel to on his bucket list.

the bachelorette
Some of the boys hatched fairly impressive plans during the cocktail party. Photo: Network Ten

Jake, meanwhile, got his letter from the group date back out and read it. That’s because on the group date each letter was read out by a different person to who wrote it.

Both ploys for attention worked. Georgia looked quite smitten with the boys’ efforts.

It was refreshing to see Georgia so happy with things, given the previous episode saw her send a whopping four men home at once.

Matty takes his chance with Georgia

Earlier in the evening, Georgia picked Matty for a one-on-one date, which was themed “back in time”.

What does that mean? Georgia explained: “I wanted to step back in time. I keep saying I’m an old romantic. But I just love that golden age of romance and whiskey sours.”

Oh, yeah. Ok.

The pair drove to a boat on Sydney Harbour and they had dancing lessons, after which they returned in more formal attire and danced the routine unassisted.

“It feels so right, dancing with Matty, I can’t believe I ever questioned that spark,” Georgia said.

Matty and Georgia's one-one-one date was a raging success. Photo: Network Ten
Matty and Georgia’s one-one-one date was a raging success. Photo: Network Ten

Matty gushed: “This is everything I’ve ever hoped for.”

They then shared some champagne, where Georgia raised a toast: “To the new-age Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.”

An incredibly tenuous link, comparing reality television contestants with two of the greatest entertainers of all time.

But that didn’t bother Matty: “I don’t know if you realise how unique and special you are. I’ve never met anyone like you.”

They kissed and verbally professed an incredible amount of affection for each other, which led to Georgia giving a rose to Matty (which he accepted).

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