Entertainment TV The Bachelorette: Georgia Love reveals her only flaw

The Bachelorette: Georgia Love reveals her only flaw

Georgia Love is close to perfect – but viewers had one complaint. Photo: Network Ten
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With her bubbly personality and effortless charm, The Bachelorette’s Georgia Love is restoring our faith in humanity after Bachelor suitor Richie Strahan unceremoniously destroyed it.

Unfortunately, so far the show isn’t rating as highly as The Bachelor, which is a shame because the banter between the blokes is television gold.

The waning audience numbers may have something to do with what seems to be Georgia’s only “flaw” – she can’t seem to shake that newsreader voice.

We’re nit-picking here, but viewers seem irritated by Georgia’s insistence on narrating her own love life to the point where it’s hard to know whether you’re watching a dating show or the nightly news.

Look, we’re not complaining. Given the majority of Australian reality television stars typically require subtitles, we’ll take overly enunciated vowels any day.

On the season’s second episode, Georgia was reporting live from the Blue Mountains where … sorry, our mistake, Georgia was just on a date, with Jake from Queensland.

But this was no ordinary date! No, in keeping with every other Bachelor season before it, Channel Ten decided to suspend these two lovebirds in mid-air because vertigo makes for lasting romance.

Jake prefers dates on solid ground.
Jake prefers dates on solid ground.

Jake all but admitted he was terrified and wanted to go back to bed.

I was not expecting this at all. Ever. I don’t think anyone would,” he said.  

“Especially when they wake up to go on a first date, they’re not expecting to be jumping out of a window 120 metres up in the air,” he added, unknowingly crafting what is possibly the most accurate description of dating ever. 

Jake scored a well-deserved kiss because he flung himself out of a cable car but also because he opened up to Georgia, whose mother was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Jake revealed his mum had also beaten cancer five times and she’s his hero. It was a rare moment of touching sincerity.

The season's first kiss went to Jake.
The season’s first kiss went to Jake for willingly suspending himself 1500 feet above the ground.

Then it was back to the bizarre, with Georgia and the blokes partaking in a photo shoot for the covers of actual Mills & Boon romance novels. Seriously.

The shoot essentially became a showdown between Rhys, who is not embarrassed to admit he’s a model, and Sam, who would rather not tell people he’s a model.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a model,” Rhys told all of us non-models at home.

Someone has to stand up for model rights. Rhys did that and then some, taking off his shirt and pouring water over his chiselled chest, much to Sam’s sheer disgust.

Rhys is not afraid to admit he’s a model.

Sam later admitted to Georgia that, yes, he has done a bit of modelling (duh) and it was mainly for Big W, “a few pyjama type things” (whatever that means) and – wait for it – Aldi.

“Aldi’s probably my finest work, I think,” he joked. Wait, what was he modelling? Discounted cucumbers?

Things got particularly heated at the cocktail party, with one man we’ve never seen before observing. “Dynamics in the house have changed. I feel like the masculine energy has definitely increased.” Well said, unidentified suitor.

When someone writes you a poem and
When someone reads a poem to you on the second date.

Rhys hit poor Georgia with a strange poem that sounded more like a veiled threat, and she was so uncomfortable she temporarily lost the newsreader voice and was left giggling in terror.

Frustrated by Rhys’ grabs for attention, Sam then dropped what might be the biggest burn of 2016 – albeit a questionable one for the show’s 7.30 timeslot.

“I think he lives in his own world,” he said to the other men.

“Like, he just goes to work, does whatever he wants, comes home, his mum breastfeeds him and then he goes to bed.”

Wow. Just wow.

The face you make when you drop a sick burn.
Sam is still pleased with his sick burn.

Both Rhys and Sam made the cut but it was baby Heath Ledger (a sailor named Ryan) and dog lover Ben on the chopping block.

Ben is a very unique man with wide eyes who asks the other men weird questions like, “What was [Georgia] wearing? Buttons? Zips?”.

“I’m a little bit different,” he told the cameras. “Someone’s got to be a little bit open-minded when they meet me. Hopefully she’s got rocks in her head and thinks I’m alright.”

Oh Ben. You were too special for this world.
Oh Ben. You were too special for this world.

Unfortunately Georgia was evidently rock-free because she sent Ben packing in what was a surprisingly heartbreaking moment.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t find the unicorn that I’d been looking for,” Ben said.  

“I hoped I was going to experience that feeling where you swallow a rainbow, but it wasn’t meant to be this time around.”

It’s alright Ben, a packet of Skittles should do the trick.

Go on Ben, taste the rainbow.
Go on Ben, taste the rainbow.

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