Entertainment TV One Nation senator claims Waleed Aly condones terrorism

One Nation senator claims Waleed Aly condones terrorism

NASA corrects malcolm roberts
One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has been given a science lesson by NASA. Photo: The Project
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One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has accused media commentator  Waleed Aly of condoning Islamic terrorism.

In Wednesday night’s edition of the Channel Ten program The Project, Mr Roberts was invited on to discuss the recent Essential Research poll, which stated 49 per cent of Australians supported a ban on Muslim immigration.

Stand-in host Hamish Macdonald took aim at Mr Roberts over his party’s claim Australia was being “swamped by Muslims”.

He asked the senator to explain his party’s stance and how fast the numbers were increasing.

Mr Roberts said he didn’t know and that didn’t need to.

“What we need to focus on is whether Islam is an ideology or a religion and it’s quite clear in our mind that it is an ideology and it doesn’t fit with our culture,” he said.

Panel member and comedian Peter Helliar quizzed Senator Roberts further asking: “How far does it go?”

“Do we deport Muslims who are living here? Should the man who usually sits to my left, Waleed, be deported or relegated to breakfast TV in Syria? What are you suggesting?”

Mr Roberts responded targeting the absent host: “No, but it would be nice if Waleed actually condemned and didn’t condone Islamic terrorism, wouldn’t that be a good start?”

Watch the full interview below.

Advance Australia Where?

We speak to Senator Malcolm Roberts about the poll suggesting half of all Australians want to ban Muslim immigration.

Posted by The Project on 2016年9月21日

Clearly taken aback by the comment, hosts Carrie Bickmore and Mr Macdonald were defiant against the senator’s suggestion.

“Just for the record … I don’t think anyone needs to say anything, but quite clearly he does [condemn terrorism],” Macdonald said.

Senator Roberts later tweeted he hopes The Project’s panel remembers their manners next time he appears on the program.

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