Entertainment TV This is exactly when a Netflix show will hook you

This is exactly when a Netflix show will hook you

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Netflix has revealed the exact episodes that hook viewers. Photo: Netflix
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Netflix’s Australian viewers take a little longer to get hooked on a TV show compared with the rest of the world, according to new data released by the streaming service.

The episode that hooks viewers in and keeps at least 70 per cent of them watching until the end of the season has been identified in several of the shows streamed on Netflix, including this year’s runaway hit Stranger Things.

But it wasn’t the first episode in any case that kept people watching.

The episode that took people from casual to committed viewers was frequently the third or fourth episode, and in most cases Australia was one episode behind the rest of the world.

A hooked episode was defined when 70 per cent of viewers who watched that episode went on to complete season one of the same series.

The Netflix episode where 70 per cent of viewers became hooked in Australia:

  • American Horror Story — episode 3
  • Club de Cuervos — episode 5

  • Fuller House — episode 5

  • Gilmore Girls — episode 8

  • Jane the Virgin —episode 6

  • Love — episode 4

  • Making a Murderer — episode 4

  • Marseille — episode 3

  • Jessica Jones — episode 4

  • Master of None — episode 4

  • Narcos — episode 4

  • Orphan Black — episode 3

  • Prison Break — episode 4

  • Scream — episode 3

  • Stranger Things — episode 3

  • The 100 — episode 2

  • The Fall — episode 2

  • The Get Down — episode 3

  • The Last Kingdom — episode 2

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