Entertainment TV ‘Richie what happened?’: Sam Frost grills Bachelor over winner Alex

‘Richie what happened?’: Sam Frost grills Bachelor over winner Alex

Sam Frost (left) couldn't believe Richie Strahan (second from right) chose Alex Nation (second from left). Photo: Instagram
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Former Bachelorette Sam Frost has questioned Bachelor Richie Strahan about his decision to choose Alex Nation as the winner of the fourth season of the reality dating series.

Alex, 25, was an unpopular choice amongst viewers of the Network Ten show, who felt runner-up Nikki Gogan, 29, was more deserving of Richie’s heart.

Sam was one of the first to express her shock and outrage, taking to Twitter after Thursday night’s finale to air her grievances.

During her interview with Richie and Alex on Friday morning, she revealed the finale hit her harder than expected.

“Guys, I’ve got high blood pressure,” she joked to the happy couple and her co-host, Rove McManus.

“I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. I was so invested in Nikki.”

Hundreds of Australians echoed Sam’s sentiments on social media, comparing Nikki’s loss to 2003 Australian Idol runner-up Shannon Noll’s defeat by Guy Sebastian.

“Oh my god Richie what happened?” Sam continued, throwing her head back in mock horror.

“Alex, you’re lovely,” she said to Alex, who was present during this meltdown.

“Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about you. You’re lovely, you’re sweet, you’re delightful, you’re related to my bestie, it’s great.”

“But guys, I was so invested in Nikki!”

Alex was gracious despite the backlash, admitting it was “hard to watch” Nikki get rejected.

“Everyone’s so devastated,” Alex said.

“Except me!” Richie interjected. “Can I just point out that I’m really happy?”

“Australia fell in love with Nikki, how could you not, she’s so beautiful!” Alex contended.

“But for me this was Richie’s journey and at the end of the day his heart lead him to me and I’m just so thankful for that.”

See the full interview here.

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