Entertainment TV The Bachelor: Shock as Keira sent home following diabolical date

The Bachelor: Shock as Keira sent home following diabolical date

Keira took over the role of instructor during their yoga date, and Richie didn't like it. Photo: Network Ten
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The Bachelor bad girl Keira has been sensationally and unexpectedly sent packing by Richie, after a disastrous one-on-one date.

It was so diabolical that Richie packed Keira straight into a car from the date, and didn’t even subject her to the rose ceremony.

When the pair were presented with a yoga class as part of their outing, an excited Keira – a yoga devotee – declared she’d have a chance for Richie to see the real her.

Unfortunately for her, he did.

A clearly uncomfortable Richie became increasingly exasperated with Keira’s “controlling” yoga coaching and no sooner had they hit the couch than he was showing her the door.

“At this stage, I’m a bit unsure if we are compatible,” Richie said. “I really feel that we’re both on two different paths. We’re two different people.

“I don’t think there is a future with us.”

Richie also cited Keira’s withdrawn and uneasy attitude in group situations as a reason for sending her home.

Keira, meanwhile, claimed she was not “blindsided” by Richie’s decision and was glad to get out of the mansion.

“I was too good for this situation,” Keira said. “And I felt it so many times. I’m like, ‘What are you doing here?’.

“I do not give a f*** about those b*****s. I’m so glad to get out of there.

“They’re all nasty. Like, ugh, pieces of work. Like, I can’t even deal. I hope Richie gets to know these girls properly before he makes his decision.”

Watch the dumping unfold:

The rest of the contestants were absolutely stunned when host Osher Gunsberg arrived at the cocktail party to break the news.

During the party Richie took Nikki away for a private chat and kissed her.

“I just wanted to give you a kiss and just truly let you know how I’m still feeling,” he told her.

Their private tryst predictably made Alex cry, but she cheered up when Richie chose not to have a rose ceremony.

Key leads to kiss

Earlier in the program, Richie went on a one-on-one date with Olena. It was all about finding “the key” to her.

That “key” being the way for Olena to emotionally reveal herself.

the bachelor keira
Olena could not have been happier. Photo: Network Ten

“I’ve just got to figure out a way to get Olena to open up to me,” Richie said. “To find the key to unlock the mystery. You know, I feel like Raiders Of The Lost Ark, I feel like Harrison Ford.”

Well, he found it. Because they kissed, on a farm, after feeding a baby animal some milk.

The kiss led to a rose for Olena. And it also led Olena to make the touching declaration: “You’re a good kisser.”

“You’re funny, you’re smart, you love adventure, you love adrenaline, you love to do different things and, like, I always want more time with you. You’re definitely a great guy and somebody that I would love to end up with.”

Masterchef – The Bachelor style

On the group date, Richie took Alex, Keira, Steph, Rachel, Sarah and Noni to the Sydney Fish Market.

the bachelor keira
Noni hated the banquet’s oysters as much as Rachel hated her being there. Photo: Network Ten

Why? Because apparently, “for years I’ve [Richie] been trying to figure out the perfect seafood fish dish” (sure, mate. A spaghetti vongole takes 10 minutes to make, not years).

Then the girls had a cook-off to prepare “the ultimate fish dish”.

The winners – Rachel and Noni – got to have a seafood banquet with Richie.

What did we learn from said date? Noni hates oysters. She was clearly the third wheel at the banquet.

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