Entertainment TV How Game of Thrones made Canberra look cool

How Game of Thrones made Canberra look cool

A screen shot from Michael Li's Game of Thrones remake.
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Who said nothing ever happened in the national capital?

A medical student with clearly too much time on his hands, has produced a video that draws comparisons between Canberra and the fictional continent of The Game of Thrones’ Westeros.

Australia National University student Michael Li has reproduced his own version of the series’ opening scenes by brilliantly replacing the Kingdom of the North, the Principality of Dorne and the Kingdom of the Stormlands, with the more prosaic Canberra suburbs of Capital Hill, Florey and Woden.

See Li’s recreated opening sequence here:

Li, who designed it to introduce the ANU med students’ 2016 revue Murder She Prescribed, was last year nominated for a Canberra Area Theatre Award for a similar video produced for the same revue, using the House of Cards intro as the template.

Revue producer Jonathan Peake told The Canberra Times the revue group just let Mr Li’s “creativity go wild”.

“He comes up with some awesome stuff, he really is an asset to our production and making it enjoyable, fun, topical and relevant,” he told the newspaper.

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