Entertainment TV John Oliver goes off on stupidity of Brexit vote

John Oliver goes off on stupidity of Brexit vote

John Oliver weighs in on the Brexit aftermath.
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Britain-born comedian, John Oliver didn’t hold back in his review of the Brexit aftermath on Monday night.

A week after his countrymen voted in favour to leave the EU, the host of Last Week Tonight had some stern words in the wake of the decision.

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“The UK this week voted to leave the European Union, a decision that has shaken the world,” Mr Oliver said.

“And not in a ‘Muhammad Ali beating Sonny Liston’ kind of way — more in a ‘those Ikea meatballs you love contain horse’ kind of way.”

Mr Oliver targeted both sides of the campaign, calling Remain backer and ex-British Prime Minister David Cameron a “pig f*****”.

“David Cameron announced he would be stepping down in the wake of the vote, which should make me happy, but in this situation, it doesn’t,” he said.

“It’s like catching an ice cream cone out of the air because a child was hit by a car. I mean, I’ll eat it, I’ll eat it — but it’s tainted somehow.”

He then turned his attention to Leave campaigners Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, slamming their lies about using previous EU funding for the National Health Service (NHS).

Mr Oliver labeled Mr Farage as the “leader of the UK Independence Party and three-time cover model for Punchable Face magazine”, while the ex-London mayor looks like “a shaved orang-utan with Owen Wilson’s hair”.

One of the Leave promises was centred around the $350 million the UK send the EU each week will fund NHS instead, seen in advertisement on buses.

However, the day after the vote, Mr Farage back peddled on this claim.

“Oh, now you’re telling us. But it does seem that Farage will not correct factual mistakes when they are on the side of buses,” he said.

“I therefore encourage Britain to take out bus ads reading, ‘Nigel Farage has spent hours trying to put his own penis in his a******’, I presume he’ll be silent about it.”

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