Entertainment TV Pizza eater gains all-time fame at NBA game

Pizza eater gains all-time fame at NBA game

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A woman heroically stuffing her face with pizza slices has upstaged smooching lovers on the ‘Kiss Cam’ at an NBA game in Atlanta overnight.

The Kiss Cam focuses on couples in the stands during breaks in the game, encouraging them to kiss for the crowd.

But the unknown woman, who has become an instant Internet sensation, saw the camera was on her and began furiously eating two slices of pizza at once.

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Not all love is between two people. Photo: YouTube/Supplied
Not all love is between two people. Photo: YouTube

As the crowd cheered, the woman only further intensified her eating, barely noticing the couple in front of her making out for the camera.

Waving cheerfully, the woman’s friend failed to realise the cheering was for her hungry friend, only giving the camera an awkward look once she saw the guzzling going on next to her.

Footage of ‘Pizza Woman’ – as she’s been dubbed – has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube, and comments are overwhelmingly positive for the hungry NBA fan.

“The couple got in the way of the real action behind them,” wrote one user, referring to couple kissing in front of Pizza Woman.

“What a beautiful creature,” commented another fan.

“This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen,” wrote another.

A number of commenters expressed a wish to marry the woman, although it’s not known whether she is already attached.

Others predicted she would next be seen either on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show or on an advertisement for Domino’s Pizza.

Watch the video below:

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