Entertainment TV CNN awkwardly confuses Australia with Austria

CNN awkwardly confuses Australia with Austria

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American news channel CNN was caught red-faced when it confused Australia and Austria in a report this week.

Many viewers took to Twitter to mock the 24-hour cable channel when they noticed a caption on the screen reading “Australia building fence at Slovenian border.”

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To those in the know, the notion of Australian building a European defence border seems very unlikely – especially as our island nation sits thousands of kilometres from Slovenia.

It was clear the Australia/Austria similarity had got the best of someone in the news room, but that didn’t stop Twitter users from jumping online to make fun of CNN for its geography blunder.

“They are just upset Austria won all the Oscars,” wrote one user, referring to Mad Max: Fury Road’s six-gong sweep at the Hollywood awards on Monday.

“This fence will be, to borrow a term, YUGE”, wrote another.

It’s likely the caption writer at CNN has had a stern talking to, or at least a world geography refresher.

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