Entertainment TV Affleck smuggles Matt Damon onto talk show

Affleck smuggles Matt Damon onto talk show

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After what seems like decades of feuding, Hollywood star Matt Damon has finally made it onto late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! – but the appearance was short-lived.

Damon’s long-time friend Ben Affleck was a guest on Kimmel’s Oscars night special to promote his upcoming flick Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, but he didn’t quite look himself when he stepped on stage.

“No offence, I don’t mean to put you in an uncomfortable position, but you have really ballooned up,” Kimmel told Affleck, commenting on his round appearance in a black buttoned suit.

“What have you got a monkey under there?”

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“I didn’t know tonight was about body shaming,” Affleck replied.

After some prodding, and a comment from Kimmel that his extra body weight seemed to be moving, out toppled Damon, who was recently nominated for an Oscar for his role in The Martian.

Damon and the late night host have been faux-feuding for years, punctuated by practical jokes and counterfeit arguments.

Before, Kimmel’s show was the top-rating beast it has become, each episode would end with the host pretending they had run out of time for their last guest – Damon. When he did finally make it onto the show, Kimmel’s recap of the times Damon was bumped was so long that by the time he made it to the chair, the show was out of time.

But after tumbling out of Affleck’s oversized suit, he wasn’t going anywhere willingly.

“I still feel like Dorothy, this is wonderful,” he said, before he was pushed from the stage by Kimmel’s security, Guillermo.

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