Entertainment TV Warne: aliens turned monkeys into humans

Warne: aliens turned monkeys into humans

The truth is out there, according to Warnie.
I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!
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Former Australian cricketer Shane Warne delivered some interesting observations on evolution during Monday night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!, casting fresh doubt on Darwin’s theories.

Viewers of the Channel Ten reality series were bowled over by a conversation with fellow contestant Bonnie Lythgoe, a former British dancer, and theatre producer and director.

Casually sitting on the bank of a waterhole on the South African set, Warne started the exchange with a revelation – which Lythgoe either agreed to, to be polite, or actually, really, truly believed the whacky idea.

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“If we’ve evolved from monkeys, then why haven’t those ones evolved?” Warne asked the group.

“Yeah,” Lythgoe replied, almost egging on Warne to continue.

“Cos I’m saying … aliens. We started from aliens,” Warne said.

“Look at those pyramids, Bonnie. You couldn’t do ‘em. You couldn’t pull those huge bits of brick and make it perfectly symmetrical … couldn’t do it. So who did it?”

It started to sound like a script from The X-Files.

Another contestant lying next to Warne on the sand remained completely silent during the conversation.

TWarne is convinced, unlike a contestant lying in total silence next to him.
Warne is convinced, unlike a contestant lying in total silence next to him. Photo: I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!

It doesn’t take long for Lythgoe to reply: “Has to be from another world, has to be.”

“Whatever planet they’re on out there, they decided that they were gonna start some more life here on earth and study us,” Warne said, confident in his observations.

“Scientifically, we have so many similarities to monkeys, so I don’t know … yeah,” Lythgoe replied, leaving Warne wide-open to whack his observations into outer-space for a six.

“Maybe they turned a few monkeys into humans and said ‘Yeah, it works’.”

Earlier in February, Warne denied reports that he scored a high-paying contract with a “no-spider clause” to appear on the reality TV show.

Speaking on the show, the 46-year-old quashed the reports, saying: “I wish. I thought I’d be getting a lot more than I’m getting but anyway, that’s that.”

He was also scrutinised for comments about former Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh saying he was “the most selfish cricketer I’ve ever played with”.

Watch the video below: 


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