Entertainment TV What your Netflix use says about your love life

What your Netflix use says about your love life

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A study has revealed how our film and television preferences can affect who we settle down with.

The survey, conducted by Netflix itself, found that of a sample of 1000 Australians, 10 per cent would ask someone on a date purely based on their Netflix preferences.

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A whopping 32 per cent of respondents believed enjoying the same shows was important in a relationship, while 35 per cent of married viewers said watching Netflix together was a great way to spend ‘date night’.

Perhaps it’s not surprising then that 71 per cent of respondents admitted to adding shows to their personal profile in order to find love, particularly as 25 per cent said they may find someone more attractive based on the shows they watch.

Not only does this information mean Netflix is the new beer goggles, it also means one of the last bastions of privacy – watching TV in our own homes – has also become a way for others to monitor and judge us.

When we do eventually find a partner, the survey suggests sharing our Netflix passwords means it’s ‘serious’, while 17 per cent would wait until they engaged or married before they … share an account.

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